Articles by Oksana Yablokova

Medical System Struggles to Overcome Past

When the call came in for Dr. Alexander Buffonov, the woman was in a panic. She was in great pain and unable to get to a hospital, and she was going into labor. This was her first baby.

Words of Advice for Flabby Fat Cats

Kremlin doctors shed light on how to stay fit on the job, combat stress and stick to the straight and narrow.

NGOs Face Paperwork Hurdle

Twenty-five groups must resubmit their registration applications days before the Wednesday deadline.

Drunk Driver Kills 6, Injures 19 in Ryazan

Cadets from the Higher Airborne School are left dead after Anatoly Klimkin, 21, drives a VAZ-2105 sedan into them.

NGOs Scrambling to Meet Deadline

Two foreign NGOs are being told to stop their work while dozens of others are unsure whether they will be able to continue as an Oct. 18 registration deadline nears.

Budget Passes Virtually Unchanged

  • 12 October 06
  • Staff Writers
The State Duma on Wednesday passed the 2007 budget in a key reading with negligible changes, earmarking half of the spending for state bureaucracy, defense and security.

Georgia Diplomat Injures Girl

The car crash in the city center comes amid the standoff between Moscow and Tbilisi.

Putin Promises Politkovskaya Investigation

  • 10 October 06
  • Staff Writers
President Vladimir Putin vowed Monday to track down the killers of Anna Politkovskaya, while her colleagues at Novaya Gazeta pledged to continue her work despite dangers.

Sychyov Attacker Gets 4 Years in Prison

A Chelyabinsk military court on Tuesday convicted Junior Sergeant Alexander Sivyakov in a high-profile trial that has focused public attention on the problem of hazing in the armed forces.

Duma Approves 25% Bigger Budget

  • 25 September 06
  • Staff Writers
The State Duma on Friday gave preliminary approval to a 2007 budget that is expected to be 25 percent bigger than this year's, prompting worries of overspending and higher inflation as next year's elections near.

Piracy Bill Clears Hurdle in Duma

  • 21 September 06
  • Staff Writers
The State Duma on Wednesday tentatively approved a bill overhauling legislation on intellectual property rights and toughening penalties for piracy to six years in prison.

Putin Calls for a Banking Cleanup

  • 18 September 06
  • Staff Writers
President Vladimir Putin called Friday for urgent action to clean up the banking system in the aftermath of the assassination of Central Bank First Deputy Chairman Andrei Kozlov.

Medvedev Sees Trouble for Putin's Successor

Slowing economic growth and low popularity could face the next president, the deputy prime minister says.

WTO Still One Year Away, Minister Says

  • 14 September 06
  • Staff Writers
Russia will not join the World Trade Organization before the end of 2007 at best, Economic Development and Trade Minister German Gref said Wednesday.

Teachers Still Waiting for Higher Pay

When President Vladimir Putin vowed to inject billions of rubles into education this school year, teachers across the country held their breath. The education system has languished in the post-Soviet era.

Party of Life, Rodina, Pensioners Merge

The Party of Life, the Rodina party and the Pensioners' Party announced Tuesday that they would merge, forming a left-wing alternative to United Russia.

Paper: Detainee Told Police About Beslan

Chechen police learned about the Beslan school raid several hours before it began, and at least 60 attackers swooped down on the school, not 32 as officials say, according to a lengthy investigative report published by Novaya Gazeta on Monday.

Moscow Considers Troops for Lebanon

As the United Nations cobbles together a peacekeeping force for Lebanon, debate is heating up in Moscow about whether to send troops to the Middle East.

Pilot Ignored Weather Warning

  • 25 August 06
  • Staff Writers
Relatives of those who died mourn at the site of the Pulkovo Airlines crash.

Lightning Likely Not Sole Cause of Crash

While lightning has been blamed for Tuesday's downing of a Pulkovo Airlines Tu-154 jet, it is unlikely to have been the sole cause of the crash, which left 170 dead.

Prosecutors Tough on Flag Violations

Desecrating a national flag is an offense in most countries. In Russia, it is also an offense if you forget to display the flag during national holidays or dare to display it for no good reason.

15 Years On, Coup Is a Dim Memory

Fifteen years ago Saturday, tens of thousands of people rallied in Moscow to defend democracy and resist a hard-line coup attempt against Mikhail Gorbachev. Today, most would have stayed at home.

Serviceman's Hazing Death Being Investigated

Prosecutors are investigating the death of a serviceman who suffered severe head injuries after his drunken commanding officer kicked him in the face, a spokeswoman for the regional military prosecutor's office said Friday.

TV Center Revamps to Attract Youth Audience

TV Center, the city's government-controlled television channel, will introduce major changes to its broadcasting and programming to focus more on entertainment and information to target a bigger audience and increase its advertising revenues.

Rare Drawings Stolen From Archive

Drawings worth an estimated $1.3 million have been stolen from a Moscow archive, authorities said Tuesday.

Citizens to Gauge Power Ministries

President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Public Chamber to create public councils to oversee each of the power ministries, which include the Federal Security Service, the Defense Ministry and the Interior Ministry.

Fridinsky Touts Fall in Army Deaths

After just one month on the job, the new chief military prosecutor, Sergei Fridinsky, announced on Friday a dramatic decline in the number of suicides and hazing-related deaths in the armed forces.

Bureaucrats Are Facing Pressure to Work Faster

Bureaucrats will be forced to quickly process applications for new businesses, newly purchased property and driver’s licenses under a pilot program that targets corruption.

Adamov Wants Trial Via Video Link

The former nuclear power minister says he will agree to be tried in the United States if he can stay in Russia.

Rodina Will Merge With the Party of Life

Sending a shockwave through the stagnant political scene, Rodina and the Party of Life announced Tuesday that they would merge to take on United Russia as an opposition party in next year's parliamentary elections.