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What Does Putin Really Want in Ukraine?

  • 04 February 15
  • Reuters
Confusion, confusion, confusion! This is how Russian President Vladimir Putin, increasingly isolated from Western conversations, keeps the world on its toes. Because only he has any answers.

Putin's Pompous and Potemkin Olympic Games

Putin's Russia is weak, tawdry and corrupt Ч and does not deserve to be the Olympic host.

Power Without Purpose

It is far from clear what Russia wants to become: a reinvented empire, a "sovereign democracy" or something else.

Can Navalny Save Russia?

The original phrase that every nation gets the government it deserves was directed at Russia. But do Russians really deserve Putinism?

Vladimir Putin's Managed Love Life and Divorce

From Russia with love? Not in Vladimir Putin's Russia.

When Alienated Immigrants Turn to Terrorism

When suspected terrorists are Muslim, they are considered agents of a larger conspiracy.

Getting France to Recognize Russia's Superiority

The Depardieu PR coup helped Putin  accomplish something no tsar could ever do.

Putin's Final Act

Russians are usually patient and slow to rebel, but once they have turned on their leader, they don't stop until he is out.

The Imperial Putin

The only vote that matters in Russia's 2012 presidential election is now in, and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has cast it for himself. He will be returning as the country's president next year.

The Walls of August

History's milestones are rarely so neatly arrayed as they are this summer. Fifty years ago this month, the Berlin Wall was born. And 20 years ago this week, hard-liners in the Soviet government attempted to overthrow Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who, two years after U.S. President Ronald Reagan memorably called on him to "tear down this wall," did just that.

Medvedev's Snake Oil

In a recent interview to the Financial Times, President Dmitry Medvedev proclaimed that he wants a second term in office following the 2012 election, but that he would not run against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who put him in power in the first place. Such a rivalry, Medvedev implied, would damage the country's well-being and image.

Trying to Modernize With Russian 'Tribesman'

President Dmitry MedvedevТs decision to fire MoscowТs long-entrenched mayor is the most decisive move he has made in his presidency. Is it really part of his drive to modernize Russia, or part of an emerging power play with MoscowТs real strongman, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin?

The Cruelty of Chance

The cruelty of the Polish airplane crash lies at the heart of the centuries of mistrust between Poland and Russia.

Ukrainian Democracy and Its Cynics

Tymoshenko deserves the WestТs thanks Ч not the cynicism that we are currently seeing Ч for keeping Ukraine afloat over the past 15 months, and itТs worth noting that victory for Yanukovych now may be the last free vote Ukraine sees for a long time.

Two Funerals and Our Freedom

My great-grandfather, Nikita Khrushchev, has been on my mind recently. I suppose it was the 50th anniversary of the so-called Kitchen Debate that he held with then-U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon that first triggered my memories.

Tsarist Notions of Power

For those who still wondered who President Vladimir Putin is, the mystery is over. His actions last week show that he is Russia's new autocrat. He is a tsar pure and simple.

The Nabokov Generation

It was a matter of fierce pride for any Bolshevik: ""Russians read more than any other people on earth.""

Citizens' Freedoms Whittled Away

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