Articles by Nikolai Mazurin

New Index Welcomed But No Threat to RTS

Stock-watchers can now look to a new index for a broader picture of market movements, following last week's launch of the RMX index by the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange and Reuters.

Central Bank Deposits Gold Abroad

In May, the Central Bank deposited $400 million of its gold abroad, turning it into the equivalent of currency reserves, according to the rules of the International Monetary Fund.

Top Alfa Bank Workers Defect to Rival MDM

Alfa Bank's vice president has moved over to MDM Bank, another poach by MDM of its rival's senior staff.

Big Brokers Bigger as Small Go to Wall

Leading brokerages are getting bigger while the number of market players is falling, according to the National Association of Participants in the Stock Market.

RTS to Tie Blue Chip Packages to Its Index

The Russian Trading System plans to start trading with a new financial instrument in two weeks time — packages of shares in seven blue chip companies tied to the RTS index.

U.S.-Backed Venture Fund to Raise $150M

The U.S.-Russia Investment Fund is setting up a new venture capital fund that is expected to attract as much as $150 million in foreign investment.

New Index Calculates Brokerages' Reliability

Russia finally has a reliability rating for brokerages operating on the stock market.

Russian Banks Loan Industry $31Bln in 9 Months

Data provided by the Yunikon/MC agency shows that loans to industry are currently one of the principal activities of local banks.

Central Bank Raises Interest Rates

After last week's auction that set new benchmark interest rates on the money market, the Central Bank raised interest rates on commercial banks' deposits by 0.5 to 2 percentage points.