Articles by Nicholas Berry

Forcing Russia's Hand

President Vladimir Putin's blatant intervention in Ukraine's presidential election has spawned an array of commentary that the Russian president is trying to re-establish the Soviet empire.

'Bleeding Strategy' Comes Home

Back in the days of the ""Evil Empire,"" the United States pursued what was called the ""bleeding strategy"" toward the Soviet Union.

Benign Imperium in Iraq?

The occupation of a foreign land is always difficult. However, it can go well under two conditions. First, the people occupied must believe that they are responsible for their own occupation -- that they brought it upon themselves.

Bush: Having His Way -- Nice and Simple I

It's a Manichean world for Bush, filled with good guys and bad as determined by the decisions they take.

Russia and China Coddle U.S.

Taking Moscow's and Beijing's support for granted would be a monumental mistake for the United States.

Sharon as Saddam Hussein

The parallels between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Saddam Hussein are astounding.

The Powell Factor

Both George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein have their respective reasons to give thanks to Colin Powell.

The Israeli-Palestinian Chimera

Middle East diplomacy is a chimera, brimming with illusion and fabrication.

Putin 4, Bush 0 on Scoreboard Of International Diplomacy

President Vladimir Putin, not President George W. Bush, should be given full credit for shaping the two agreements that have redefined relations between their two countries. Putin carried out his strategy. Bush didn't, even though he might have thought he was in charge.

Why Bin Laden Is So Hard to Catch

In politics, where there are choices, actions are calculated to achieve objectives.

Strategy Out of Sync

The Bush administration appeared to be making wise choices with counter-terrorism policy objectives.

Justice Is a Dish Best Served Cold

There are screams that this is war. This is not war. This is not another Pearl Harbor. This is terrorism.

Treaty Sends a Message

Jiang and Putin have designed their friendship treaty to send a loud message to the Bush administration.

There's No Hurry

Moscow should not think that, because President Bush is taking his time, a radical shift in U.S. policy is in the works or that Washington has decided to downgrade relations.