Articles by Mikhail Yenukov

Officials Debate Gas Price Increase

  • 22 November 06
  • Reuters
Speakers call for steep price hikes at a gas industry forum held on the eve of a Kremlin energy meeting.

Exxon's Sakhalin-1 Comes Under Fire

  • 22 September 06
  • Reuters
The government on Thursday switched the focus of its attack on huge foreign-led ventures to ExxonMobil's Sakhalin-1 oil project, saying it would forbid a $4.2 billion increase in spending that would cut the state's profits.

Gazprom Believes Shtokman Is 15% Bigger

  • 05 April 06
  • Reuters
Gazprom said Tuesday that its huge Shtokman gas field was even bigger than originally thought, upping the ante for five Western oil firms bidding for a share of the field.

Yukos Is Put Under External Manager

  • 29 March 06
  • Reuters
The Moscow Arbitration Court on Tuesday put Yukos under external supervision until June 27 in a move that could lead to its bankruptcy and nationalization.

Source: 2 Russian Firms Quit Udmurtneft Race

  • 01 March 06
  • Reuters
Two key Russian contenders have left the race for Udmurtneft, a unit of TNK-BP, industry sources said on Tuesday, saying the move boosted chances of Indian and Chinese rivals to win the bid.

Transneft Chief: Build More Refineries, Export Less Crude

  • 31 January 06
  • Reuters
Russia should cut exports of crude oil, probably by as much as 50 percent, and build new refineries and petrochemical plants to boost exports of finished products, the country's oil export chief said in an interview.

Trutnev: Laws of Economics Should Govern Extraction

  • 22 December 05
  • Reuters
Natural Resources Minister Yury Trutnev said Wednesday that the state should govern with more economic freedom and stop meddling in the business of getting energy and minerals out of the ground.

Transneft Rebuffs Green Fears

  • 18 November 05
  • Reuters
Crude oil pipeline monopoly Transneft wants to bolster its planned pipeline to the Pacific coast with an oil refinery, despite objections from green groups and a Russian minister.

State Hoping for $4Bln in Svyaz Sale

  • 04 October 05
  • Reuters
The government expects to get $2.5 billion to $4 billion from the privatization of telecoms holding company Svyazinvest, which would be the country's biggest sale to date, Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Andrei Sharonov said.

Miller Vows to Free Gazprom Shares This Year

  • 27 June 05
  • Reuters
Russia said on Friday that it would scrap all curbs on share trading in Gazprom by the end of 2005, a move likely to attract billions of dollars of investment, after it secured a controlling stake in the gas monopoly.

Gazprom Aiming for LNG Market in 2005

  • 01 February 05
  • Reuters
Gazprom wants to begin trading liquefied natural gas in 2005 to learn more about the business before launching its own LNG production in the next decade, a top executive said Monday.

Lebedev Trial Opens, New Fines Requested

  • 21 May 04
  • Reuters
Yukos billionaire Platon Lebedev went on trial on Thursday in a case likely to signal how justice will handle charges against the country's richest man, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Yukos Beats Expectations With $995M Quarter

  • 21 October 03
  • Reuters
Top oil producer Yukos posted forecast-beating second-quarter profits Monday, and analysts said increased exports helped counteract higher tariffs and a quarterly decline in oil prices.

Shell, Total May Join Euro Gas Pipe

  • 13 October 03
  • Reuters
Gas giant Gazprom said Friday that oil majors Royal Dutch/Shell and French Total may join its $5.7 billion pipeline project from Russia to Germany and onward to Europe.

Turkey Stops Buying From Gazprom

  • 28 April 03
  • Reuters
Turkey has halted shipments through a pipeline laid by Gazprom under the Black Sea, bringing fresh woes for the problem-plagued $3 billion project.

Private Pipelines Get State's Backing

  • 18 April 03
  • Reuters
The government will study an idea to turn Arctic Murmansk into a vast oil port to boost supplies to Europe and the United States.

Refinery Costs Eat at Sibneft's Bottom Line

  • 31 October 02
  • Reuters
Sibneft, the country's fastest-growing oil producer, reported a 26 percent drop in net profit in the first half of 2002 on Wednesday.

LUKoil Beats Profit Forecasts

  • 04 October 02
  • Reuters
LUKoil beat forecasts Thursday with strong first half earnings and said output would balloon over the next 10 years with an eye to increasing exports to the United States.

Oil Showdown Set, Markets Await Cut

  • 05 December 01
  • Reuters
Markets are receiving mixed signals as officials and executives prepare to discuss cuts in crude output.

Chubais Driving Pace of Energy Restructuring

Over the past year, Anatoly Chubais has managed to set his reform of UES well on its way to fruitition.

Thieves Stole $100M In Metals From UES

Thieves have stolen some $100 million worth of metal, including 8,000 kilometers of wire, from Unified Energy Systems over the last two years, the power grid said Wednesday.

India Buys In to Sakhalin Project

An Indian oil company is to receive a stake in the Sakhalin-1 offshore oil and gas project in return for an order for Russian armaments in a deal.