Articles by Mikhail Margelov

Using Sudan Peace Model for Libya

The decision by the coalition forces to bomb Libya is looking more like a frustrated reaction to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's refusal to step down. The coalition was clearly disappointed that the Libya scenario did not follow the Tunisian and Egyptian scenario in which both country's leaders stepped down without foreign military intervention.

Don't Give Up on New START

The reset of U.S.-Russian relations started with the signing of the New START treaty. In other words, the two sides made security the cornerstone of their new relationship, and the first thing they agreed on was a reduction of warheads.

Worst Case Against New START

U.S. Republican politician Mitt Romney made a lot of noise with his recent op-ed condemning President Barack Obama's support for New START. But all that Romney delivered were insipid variations of the stale themes favored by neocons.

A Great Start

The New START agreement, which is scheduled to be signed by U.S. President Barack Obama and President Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday in Prague, is an important step toward nuclear disarmament.

Countdown to Global Zero

Already more than 140,000 citizens from all over the world have signed the declaration of Global Zero, which aims for the phased elimination of all nuclear weapons, and more than 200 world leaders are on board.

The Reset Gains Substance

The agenda that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton brought to Moscow gives reason to believe that President Barack Obama seriously intends to move away from the political objectives of the previous administration.

Obama Will Make Russia a Priority

U.S. President Barack Obama's administration came to the White House during a difficult period. The economic crisis forced it to make greater allowances for the domestic situation in developing its foreign policy than is customary for U.S. politics.

Creating a New Reset Button

This year is the 100th anniversary of Russia's parliamentary diplomacy. The State Duma, which was founded in 1906, organized its first visit to the West in 1909, when deputies visited Britain and France and were received at a very high level.

Russia's Silver Bullet for Afghanistan

During his election campaign, U.S. President Barack Obama promised to shift the focus of his Middle East policy from Iraq to Afghanistan. There is a good reason for this.

Starting Fresh With Obama

President-elect Barack Obama has formed his team of advisers, but it would be difficult to call them Уfriends of Russia.Ф

Getting Along With Obama

It was not only President-elect Barack ObamaТs charismatic personality and well-orchestrated election campaign that won him the election. It was also the fact that American voters were tired of the Republican administration.

Fluff or Substance at the G8 Summit

If there were any hopes that the Group of Eight summit this week in Hokkaido would produce substantive results, they were dashed by the time the talks concluded on Wednesday.

Need More Soft Power

Following the NATO summit in Bucharest and the Bush-Putin talks in Sochi, Russia's relations with the alliance and the United States remain about the same as they were prior to those meetings. It makes sense then that the most popular description of the summit has been: no breakthroughs, but some progress.

Summit Season of Content

The plethora of high-level meetings and summits that take place in May each year have become a traditional feature of the international political landscape.