Articles by Mikhail Fishman

Governor Belykh's Arrest Has Russian Elite on Edge

For the last decade, regional governors in Russia are usually appointed apparatchiks, with faces unrecognizable outside their home territory.

Russia Day in Moscow: Long-Stripped of Its Original Meaning (Op-Ed)

It was no coincidence that President Vladimir Putin was evasive while delivering his official Russia Day speech on June 12, the national holiday commemorating the proclamation of Russia's sovereignty.

Putin Closes Russia's Drugs Agency, Casts Aside Longtime Supporter Ivanov

On May 10, an unusual post appeared on Facebook, apparently signed by Viktor Ivanov, the head of Russia's Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN). "Comrades and fellow soldiers," it began.

Victory Day in Moscow: 'Yes, We Can Do It Again'

Thousands of soldiers marched through Red Square on May 9 to commemorate the 71st anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.

Former Prime Minister Kasyanov Stifled by Both Kremlin and Allies

Sitting on a deep leather sofa in his office, Mikhail Kasyanov looks much like he always has. There's the same no-nonsense demeanor, the expensive suit and his smooth, deep voice.

A Bigger Bludgeon: Putin's Man Put in Charge of New National Guard

When it comes to President Vladimir Putin's personal trust, Viktor Zolotov has no peers.

Business Under Pressure: Putin Meets With Entrepreneurs, Law Enforcement

When it comes to elections and politics, Russian businessmen usually remain tight-lipped.

Russian TV Stays Mum Over Murderous Nanny

A woman brandishes the severed head of a child and threatens to blow herself up. The gruesome scene would have dominated TV screens in any other country. In Russia, however, no major network mentioned the incident.

Munich Security Conference: Talking Peace, Russian Style

When Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took to the stage at the Munich security conference, he left no doubt as to who had sent him.

Back to the Uncertain Future for Mikhail Khodorkovsky

As the year ends, new accusations brought against former Yukos chief, and he fights back.