Articles by Mike Schneider

Cosmonauts Install Shields Against Space Junk

  • 01 June 07
  • The Associated Press
Two cosmonauts climbed out of the international space station to install protective panels designed to shield the orbiting outpost from dangerous space debris.

Astronauts on Their Way to Set Spacewalk Record

  • 05 February 07
  • The Associated Press
Small amounts of toxic ammonia leaked from a fluid line on Sunday as two astronauts conducted the second of what could be a precedent-setting three spacewalks in nine days, upgrading the international space station's cooling system.

Hurricane Wilma Batters Southwest Florida

  • 25 October 05
  • The Associated Press
After passing through Mexico and Cuba, where it caused heavy flooding, the storm makes landfall in the United States.

'Flexible' Russians, Cautious Americans

  • 11 November 03
  • The Associated Press
After the Columbia space shuttle disaster, safety is getting even more attention by the U.S. space program.

Insulin Smugglers Strive to Save Lives

Rodman Finds Natural Fit Among Hulk, Luger, Giant