Articles by Michael Stott

Kadyrov Says West Backs Rebels

  • 22 December 09
  • Reuters
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said last yearТs attack by Georgia on South Ossetia was part of a Western plot to seize the whole Caucasus region.

Has Surkov Given Away the Game in a Novel?

  • 14 August 09
  • Reuters
The KremlinТs powerful first deputy chief of staff is credited with writing a novel about official corruption and dubious politicians.

Senior TNK-BP Executive Quits Post

  • 07 August 09
  • Reuters
Tim Summers, the most senior former BP manager at oil firm TNK-BP, said Tuesday that he would leave in mid-October for personal reasons. Another BP manager will replace him.

EU Ambassador Says Russia at Risk

  • 27 July 09
  • Reuters
Russia risks being a Third World-style raw material exporter mired in economic crisis unless it boosts democracy and the rule of law, European Union Ambassador to Russia Marc Franco said in an interview.

New Patriarch Targets Youth, Unity

  • 02 February 09
  • Reuters
Patriarch Kirill, the new leader of the worldТs 160 million Russian Orthodox, pledged at his enthronement on Sunday to keep his church united, recruit the young and open up dialogue with Уsister churches.Ф

Many Familiar Faces After Government Shake-Up

  • 12 May 08
  • Reuters
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced his cabinet team on Monday, keeping most key ministers in their posts and taking powerful Kremlin figures with him to his new job.

Nazarbayev Shuns 'Latin American' Example

  • 31 March 08
  • Reuters
Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said in an interview Friday that he had no intention of following an example set by some Latin American states and nationalizing his country's booming energy sector.

Saakashvili Says Russia Set to Lift Sanctions

  • 05 July 07
  • Reuters
TBILISI, Georgia -- Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said Wednesday that Russia was willing to start lifting some of the economic sanctions it imposed on Georgia last year, recognizing they were counter-productive.

Azeri Vote Boycott Threatened

  • 03 July 07
  • Reuters
Azerbaijan's most prominent opposition leader has threatened to boycott next year's presidential election unless the government permits television coverage of anti-government forces and lets them hold rallies.

British Artist Is a Hit in Moscow

  • 06 December 06
  • Reuters
One man buys all of the controversial British artist's works at Monday's vernissage.

Colombia Starts Drug Eradication