Articles by Megan Twohey

Police Put End to Playboy's Party

  • 01 February 02
  • Staff Writers
But for alleged conman Gennady Vostretsov the party seems to be over after almost 10 years on the run.

Foul Play Suspected in Expat Death

A Canadian diplomat found dead in his Moscow apartment last year may have been poisoned at a bar.

U.S. Imposes a New Visa Regulation

New regulations mean many Russian males will have to answer more questions to receive a visa to the U.S.

Congressman Defends Storage of Warheads

A U.S. congressman defended the storage of nuclear warheads that are to be cut from the U.S. arsenal.

U.S., Russia Tackle Nuclear Cuts in 2-Day Talks

Two days of talks between Russian and U.S. military officials began Tuesday in Washington.

Would-Be Winners of Green Cards Sue U.S.

Russians denied U.S. immigrant visas have had a lawsuit filed on their behalf by a U.S. attorney.

U.S. Wants to Store Warheads

Russia says a U.S. plan to store and not destroy nuclear warheads renders arms reduction plans redundant.

U.S. Warns Gay Expats About Killers

The U.S. Embassy is urging Americans to be cautious after four foreigners were killed in the past two years, apparently after picking up someone at a Moscow gay club.

NATO on His Mind, Putin Visits Blair

President Putin is heading to Britain on Friday for a visit with the British Prime Minister.

Russian Peacekeepers Unlikely in Kabul

Russia will probably not be among the countries that the UN Security Council picks to deploy peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan according to experts.

Refugees at U.S. Embassy Left in Limbo

Refugees are waiting for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to resume the processing of refugee applications.

Putin Says Russia Was Ready to Alter ABM

Despite the U.S. pull out from the ABM, President Putin said he maintains confidence in George W. Bush.

Moscow Got What It Wanted in Kabul

The interim Afghan government, in which Tajiks hold the most crucial posts, may bode well for Russia.

NATO Ministers Look for a Place for Moscow

Though vows have been made to bring Moscow closer to NATO, what exactly is the alliance ready to offer?

UN Extends Iraq Oil-for-Food Deal

The UN Security Council has approved a compromise deal on Iraq's oil-for-food program.

1 in 3 Babies Born to Unmarried Moms

Experts are struggling to understand how an increase in the number of unwed mothers will affect Russia.

N.Y. Native Restless in Russia

After missing the NBA draft in 1997, American point guard Curtis McCants now finds himself playing for the CSKA Moscow basketball team and is less than thrilled about it.

Putin Says Moscow Not in NATO Bid

Though President Putin has praised recent discussions aimed at changing his country's relationship with NATO, he has insisted that Russia is not seeking to join the alliance.

Putin Moves to Make Good on Yeltsin Pledge

  • 23 November 01
  • Staff Writers
This week President Vladimir Putin made a move to scrap Russia's military draft and to form an entirely professional army which would defend the country by 2010.

Russia, U.S. Look For Place In Kabul

Both Russia and the U.S. are making their opinions heard in the building of a new Afghan government.

Crunching Numbers All Across the Country

During her initial visit to Russia as an auditor, Rachel Lawton had to face a tourist hotel with cockroaches and a client whose employees thought she might be a spy.

Bush Recalls the Day He Met Putin

U.S. President Bush shares the story of his first meeting with President Putin in a book released Monday.

Rankings Rain on Economic Parade

  • 13 November 01
  • Staff Writers
In spite of unprecedented economic achievements recently, Russia is still a risky place for investors.

Summit Won't Be All Smooth Sailing

  • 12 November 01
  • Staff Writers
Experts say the summit between Bush and Putin is unlikely to result in any breakthroughs in policy.

Reforms Called History's Worst

The co-editor of a new book on the post-Soviet world has concluded that Russia's bungled reform effort was ""the biggest man-made economic disaster on record.""

School Ties Unraveled by Sept. 11

The Sept. 11 attacks upset the lives of 75 teenagers in small-town Russia more than one would expect.

U.S. Visa Applicants Face More Scrutiny

The U.S. Embassy has increased its vigilance in its review of Russian applicants for non-immigrant visas.

Putin Keeps Extremism on Agenda

Vladimir Putin is trying to speed up work on a law against extremism in hopes of curbing racial violence.

White House Wants End to Jackson-Vanik

The annual review of Russia's emigration policies under the Jackson-Vanik amendment may be eliminated.

Skills to Resolve Conflicts the Non-Violent Way

AVP runs workshops that are designed to teach interpersonal conflict resolution skills through a series of step-by-step processes and role-playing exercises.