Articles by Maxim Trudolyubov

Panama Reaction Reveals Russia's 2 Value Systems (Op-Ed)

Two schools of thought dominate the Russian discussion of the country's political system and its economic underpinnings.

Kremlin Sees Russians as Expendable

Russian rulers and their closest colleagues have felt for centuries that they were in competition with their neighbors. In fact, the Russian words for "competition" and "jealousy" — "sorevnovaniye" and "revnost" — have the same root.

Kremlin's Domestic PR Campaign Is a Sad Farce

Russia's media and political bosses have managed to shift the nation's attention from Ukraine to Syria in the past few weeks. Damascus and Aleppo now fill the air waves in place of Donetsk and Kramatorsk.

Keeping Up With Russia's New Laws

The story of how judges and experts at the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Municipal Court in Russia's Far East misread sacred Muslim texts does deserve attention, but it was probably more of a misunderstanding than an irreconcilable conflict between secular authorities and religious perceptions.

Russia's Brave New Crisis

The current crisis is unlike those of 1998 and 2008 that most of us remember. It is both longer and very different than the others, and it does not help that both the Russian people and Kremlin leaders have frivolously high expectations concerning its outcome.

Russia Sees Itself as the New Global Dissident

Russian society cannot see itself. In fact, no individual or society anywhere can. For that you need a mirror. The mass media typically provides that function, but in Russia, the state-controlled media reports exclusively on life in other countries.

Putin: A Soviet Leader for the 21st Century

President Vladimir Putin is known for his love of Russian history.

Organized Resistance Is Impossible in Russia

Many outside observers believe that Russian society lacks individuals who resist the status quo.

Putin's System Is Built on Shaky Foundations

The political regime in Russia is a true work of art, but one that only looks good from a single vantage point — that of its creator.

Russians Are Dangerously Addicted to Putin

Russians now depend on their belief in Putin as much as he depends on their support.

How Stalin Instilled a National Sense of Survival

When I learned as a high school student of the tragedies and crimes under Josef Stalin, I immediately wished that I could go back in time to stop the madman.

Hope in a Dying Soviet Mentality

A joint project between Dozhd TV and The Moscow Times
The electoral fraud that outraged so many Russians is actually just one example of a much larger phenomenon. Russia's electoral system and other government institutions are essentially mechanisms that serve the interests of a narrow group of individuals and not the interests of society as a whole.

Better to Be a Car Than a Man

Drivers definitely have a better time of it in Moscow than pedestrians. A number of locations can only be reached by car, and vehicles can simply stop wherever they please. Cars are respected: Touching or pushing them is off-limits. But the moment you become a pedestrian, you must weave your way through a maze of cars, breathe noxious fumes, and jostle and argue with other unfortunates who must also make their way through the city on foot.

Victims and Executioners

At least 70 years after millions of people fell victim to political repression, Russia has yet to come to terms with the crimes of its Soviet past. But the memory of our past should not be static, but active.

Developing a Human Resistance to Autocracy

It is not absolutely necessary that engineers know a lot about human nature to fulfill their professional duties. The basic law of resistance is much more important for them.

An International Coolness Rating

When yet another international rating comes out where Russia again comes far down the list, there is, of course, no point in getting worked up about it.

CIS Soul-Searching

Any state is obliged to resist the sources of chaos that threaten to destabilize it from without.

Russia Climbs to 17th in Investor Attraction

China and Russia are the rising stars in an investment attractiveness rating released by consulting firm A.T. Kearney.

CEOs Not Worried About SEC 'Vow'

Russian executives of companies listed in the United States say they are not concerned by a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announcement this week that they should take the ""executive vow"" vouching for the accuracy of their financial statements.

Russians Get Bad Deal in Marketplace for Ideas

Consumer societies have come up with a lot of elaborate ways for protecting consumers from poor quality or damaged food products, cars, vacuum cleaners, etc. -- but what about consumer protection from bad ideas?

U.S. Expert Pushes for Soviet Debt Write-Off

An influential U.S. security expert U.S. is calling for a total write-off of Russia's Soviet-era debt.

Nation 45th in Competitiveness

Over the last year Russia surpassed only four other countries in a ranking of world competitiveness.

Investor Survey Shows Rising Interest in Russia

Russia has raised its attractiveness as a market for foreign investments, rising from 49th position to 32nd in six months, according to a survey by management consultants.

Deripaska Barred From Davos

A prestigious financial roundtable kicked off in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday with only one of the 2,000 or so invited luminaries declared personal non grata.

Berezovsky, Germans in TV6 Talks

Boris Berezovsky is negotiating with KirchGruppe over the sale of a stake in the TV6.

Reconciliation Comes When We Face the Past

A national Day of Reconciliation and Accord seems like a good idea, but the idea is off to a bad start.

Turkey Offered $2Bln Copter Deal

Russia is offering to supply 145 attack helicopters to the Turkish army for $2 billion, Russian officials said in Ankara.

Internet Ads Provide Inexpensive Alternative