Articles by Marina Kamenev

Fedot the Blockbuster

Russian studio battles U.S. cartoon movies with stars, big-budget fairytale.

The White Dacha

The Yalta home in which Anton Chekhov spent his last years is filled with treasures but has lately fallen into a dire state.

Snapper Hits Back

Photographer Sam Ramsay makes an action film based on his life in Moscow.

Moscow's Demolished, Not Restored on Show

The 18th-century mansion on a small lane near Chistiye Prudy metro station is inconspicuous, hidden away from view.

Reading a Church

Every church is an open book, but you have to know how to read the signs.

A Comic Look at Art

An artist uses comic book imagery to raise interesting issues.


Next week, dancers from the Bolshoi Theatre - Anna Koblova, Aleksei Torgynakov and Olga Totukhova - will be performing in a different venue, the theater of the hipster nightclub Justo.

Munch, Bacon and Warhol at Sotheby's Show

There was little evidence of the financial crisis inside the new branch of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, at Gogolevsky Bulvar, where Sotheby's preview of its upcoming November auctions is exhibited.

Grace in Time

Mementos from the life of Grace Kelly go on show.

Architects in the City

The ""Architecture Days"" festival gives Muscovites the chance to take a tour round some of the most interesting 20th century constructions as well as the numerous new buildings dotted around Moscow.


Window washers on Kamergersky Pereulok in the center of Moscow taking advantage of the warm fall weather to work before the frost sets in and windows are shut up for winter. Photograph by Igor Tabakov.


A veteran photographer from Izvestia exhibits his works at The Manezh.


The Moscow House of Photography dedicates an exhibition to the Beijing Olympics.

Dog Dances, Canine Costumes on Display

For the past week, Olga Proskuryakova has been organizing dog-show activities that most people would have a hard time imagining.

A Rare Place for Bargains and Hidden Treasures

Flea markets, while common in Paris and in London, are difficult to find in the center of Moscow, and many travel all the way to Izmailovo to search for an antique or bargain. But starting today is the 10th annual Flea Market, which is taking place in the T-Modul shopping center at Belorusskaya metro station.

Garage Makes Its Debut

Daria Zhukova's much-hyped Garage opened with a retrospective by Emilia and Ilya Kabakov. Marina Kamenev reports.

Lonely Figures Visit Russia for the First Time

The lonely figures of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti grace some of the grandest museums in the world, from Tate Modern in London to New York's MOMA, but until this week his textured silhouettes have not made much of an appearance in Russia.


The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture is set to open next week.

Modern Masterpieces

World-renowned collector shows works at factory.

Dressing Up for Britain at the Kremlin Museums

It took three years to plan the new exhibition at the Kremlin Museums, ""Two Centuries of British Fashion. From the Collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.""

The Birth of The Capital

City Day, which takes place this weekend, has in the past served a political purpose. James Marson and Marina Kamenev report.

A Different Image

A graphic design festival is on at the Central House of Artists.

City Hall Invites Kids to The Party

With 2008 designated as ""Year of the Family,"" the City Day celebrations this weekend offer a number of events and activities for children and their parents.


The Moscow metro launched a train with literary texts and storybook illustrations adorning every carriage.

Off The Wall Videos

The Pusto Festival of Video Art runs on Friday and Saturday.

Water on the Tracks

Eighty years after the opening of Mayakovskaya metro station, experts say it is under threat. Marina Kamenev reports.


This week saw some very changeable weather in Moscow.

A Land of Beautiful Resources

Beauty pageants are about more than good looks - they can have a message, too. Stas Shectman and Marina Kamenev report.

Hands Up in the Air

Russia will hold an air-guitar competition for the first time.


Erwin Wurm is exhibiting his works at the Central House of Artists.