Articles by Lilia Biryukova

White-Collar Crime Punishment Softened

Changes to the Criminal Code will enable white-collar criminals to buy their way out of trouble. The cost: five times the amount of damages inflicted, capped at 15 million rubles ($535,000), from each convicted person, paid to the federal budget.

Insurance Companies Might Inspect Vehicles

A working group under First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has drafted amendments to the bill concerning technical inspection of automobiles that would give the task to authorized service centers designated by a professional association of insurers selling mandatory auto insurance policies.

Lisin Replaces Bogdanchikov for Olympics

Vladimir Lisin replaced Sergei Bogdanchikov as vice president of the country's Olympic Committee on Wednesday, in line with the committee's hopes that the wealthy Lisin will be able to raise the funds needed to restore the team to its former glory.

Deputies May Liberalize Law On Illegal Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs would no longer face prison sentences for incorrect paperwork if a bill proposed on Saturday by top United Russia lawmakers is approved.

City Duma Seeks to Buy 3rd Building

To make room for 10 new deputies, the Moscow City Duma is looking to purchase a third building — possibly the nearby Marine House business center, which could cost $50 million.

New Cars to Be Freed From Inspection

The government has proposed eliminating mandatory inspections for new cars, a formality that experts say should have been eliminated long ago.

Poll: Modernization is About Politics, Not Technology

Citizens think of modernization not so much as a technological agenda as much as a political program, according to a survey of 1,600 Russians.