Articles by Larisa Naumenko

Avoiding Double Trouble: A Taxing Question

Where to pay income tax and how to avoid double taxation are serious questions for any expat.

Fledgling Deposit Insurance Plan Takes Off

Given the large number of private depositors who have lost their savings in Russian bank crashes, it's not surprising that many people have preferred to keep their savings hidden under a mattress at home.

Expert Linguist With the Ear of Governments

Dan Davidson is professor of Russian and Second Language Acquisition at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania.

Number of Cell Users Tops 25M

The booming cellular phone market shows no signs of slowing, with the number of mobile subscribers nationwide jumping 7 percent in June to top 25.1 million people for the first time, ACM Consulting said Wednesday.

NTV Plus Clients Hit by Post, Service Woes

Satellite television provider NTV Plus started broadcasting Tuesday with a new, improved encoded signal, barring illegal users from the service but apparently causing a few problems for many of its 165,000 subscribers.

English Side of Putin

Vladimir Putin is trying to get warm and fuzzy with the English-speaking virtual world. His official web site,, is now available in English, complete with pictures of the president relaxing with his poodle.

Telenor Ups Stake in Combellga to 100%

Norway's top telecommunications company, Telenor, said Tuesday that it had paid $30 million for the remaining 25 percent of Moscow fixed-line operator Combellga that it did not already own.

A Decade of Building Bilateral Business Bonds

Back in 1993, U.S. Ambassador to Russia Robert Strauss had just left that post and Eugene Lawson was stepping down as vice chairman of the U.S. Commerce Department's Eximbank.

10% of Russians Now Use the Internet

Internet penetration in Russia finally broke through the critical 10 percent bar this spring, up from 9 percent this winter, the Public Opinion Fund said in a report released Monday.

PC Market's Value Hits $454M

The computer market in Russia reached a value of $454 million in the first quarter this year, a 17 percent increase from the same period last year, ITResearch said in a report on the information technologies industry released Tuesday.

Danone Eyes WBD Acquisition

Dairy and juice giant Wimm-Bill-Dann said Monday that it is in discussions with Paris-based dairy products maker Groupe Danone that ""may or may not result in the acquisition of all or a majority of the shares of the company.""

Duma Votes Down Per-Minute Billing

The State Duma passed in the crucial second reading Friday a set of amendments to the law on communications that critics say falls short of what it was supposed to do -- level the playing field for market players and boost development of the telecommunications sector nationwide.

A Decade of Ad-Libbing a New Kind of Business

A decade after Ilya Slutsky launched a graphic design business as a 21-year old, that business has turned into Media Arts, one of the country's top 10 advertising agencies.

Telenor, Golden Telecom in Merger Talks

Norway's Telenor is close to acquiring a stake in Golden Telecom, a leading Russian telecoms holding, in a deal reportedly worth as much as $170 million.

Study: Russia Is World's No. 3 Software Pirate

Russia had the third-highest software piracy rate in the world in 2002, costing software companies nearly half a billion dollars in lost retail sales, according to a study released Tuesday by the U.S. Business Software Alliance.

Andersen Snaps Up Moscow's Comcor-TV

New York-based Andersen Group said Thursday that it is boosting its stake in Moscow cable television provider Comcor-TV from 50 percent to full 100 percent ownership.

Oracle Lands $153M Svyazinvest Job

Svyazinvest on Wednesday said it will pay $153 million for an automated management system from U.S. software maker Oracle in the biggest deal to date for the country's information technologies market. Brings St. Pete's 300th Party to You

St. Petersburg's 300th anniversary kicks into high gear this week, and if you can't be there to see all the grandiose celebrations, just watch them online at

Numbers Change for 900,000

Nearly a million Moscow mobile users will get a new phone number next month as nationwide subscriber growth pushes existing digital capacity to the limit.

350,000 New Cybernauts Each Month

Russians are flocking to the web like never before, with more than 350,000 new surfers venturing into cyberspace each month, according to a new survey.

E-Russia Moves Into 2nd Phase

The 76 billion ruble, eight-year Electronic Russia campaign aims make the bureaucracy more efficient.

Details of Millions of Cell Users for Sale on CD

The stolen databases contain details of some 4.5 million clients of St. Petersburg telephone operators.

Cellphones Stripped for Gold by the Ton

Moscow's cellular operators recycle up to 20 tons of old and outdated handsets every month.

Intel, IFC Buy $10M Stake in Ru-Net

Intel and the International Finance Corp. agreed to invest $10 million for a stake in Ru-Net Holdings.

MTS Subscriber Base Tops 10 Million

The subscriber base of Mobile TeleSystems has passed the 10 million threshold, making it one of Europe's top ten cellular operators.

Megafon Says It's Getting Ready to Go Public

Megafon said Wednesday it is making plans to go public and will name the lead manager for its IPO in two months.

Mobile Majors Work Wireless Magic

Television via mobile phone, wireless Internet access at the airport, surfing the web from a payphone -- the country has come a long way from its samizdat days.

MTS Chases Rivals Into High-Tech Services

Mobile TeleSystems on Monday launched two new services in Moscow in a bid to keep pace with rivals that had beaten it to the punch.

$700,000 Stolen in Credit-Card Fraud

Moscow investigators have arrested three individuals who they claim stole $700,000 from bank accounts in what officials believe to be the biggest credit-card fraud ever perpetrated in Russia.

Campaign Kicks Off With Online Tricks

  • 21 April 03
  • Staff Writers
Even though the parliamentary election campaign and the mudslinging expected to accompany it have yet to gain momentum, some parties and politicians have already fallen victim to elaborate schemes designed to damage their reputation in the eyes of their Internet-connected voters.