Articles by Ksenia Boletskaya

Cosmo Isn't the West's Trojan Horse Into Russia

What offense have these magazines committed, other than telling women how to seduce men, or men how to build up "six-pack" abs?

Copyright SocietyТs Claim Rejected

A Yekaterinburg court has rejected the validity of a claim by the Russian Copyright Society for 3 percent of proceeds from a local movie theater, the first time the organization has ever lost a ruling.

Bloomberg Office in Profit-Tax Spat

Moscow tax authorities charged the Bloomberg news agency 120 million rubles ($4 million) in profit tax in 2006 to 2007, but the company refused to pay, saying it doesn't have a regular representative office in Russia, Vedomosti reported.

Antitrust Service to Prosecute Firms for 'Superlative' Searches

While the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service earlier had proposed banning superlatives like Уthe bestФ in advertising, this is the first time that it has opened a case against a firm that placed an ad near such types of search results.

Children Give Duma Pretext for Censorship

United Russia deputies want the population to accept packaged newspapers, edited television newscasts and a ban on action movies in prime time in the name of sheltering the innocence of children.

TV Ad Giant Accused of Competition Violations

Gazprom-Media filed a complaint with the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service claiming that Video International and the channels it serves were secretly agreeing on their pricing policies and violating Article 11 of the law on competition.

Retailers May Be Forced To Put Markups Online

But the changes to a State Duma bill on trade, introduced ahead of the bill's key second reading on Dec. 9, are opposed by retailers because they would be required to release their commercial secrets.

CTC Says Ex-Chief Violated Contract

The company said Monday that it filed two civil suits against Rodnyansky, in New York and Delaware, because it believes that he is working with a competing company.

StateТs Sport Channel Retired as Costs Soar

In the six years that Sport has been on the air, strong competition from paid, specialized sports channels has driven up the prices by several times for broadcasting rights to athletic events

Moscow's Malls in State of Arrested Development

Less than half the shopping malls slated for completion in Moscow last year were actually opened, and even those retail centers that were finished on time will be fortunate to find tenants for half their space, according to Colliers International's annual report.