Articles by Knut Engelmann

UBS Celebrates Profit With $4.9Bln Payout

  • 11 February 04
  • Reuters
UBS posted its best quarterly profit in over three years Tuesday and said it will pay a record dividend as improved markets and tight cost control helped it beat even the most optimistic market expectations.

UBS Fires 500 of Its Investment Bankers

  • 19 June 03
  • Reuters
UBS AG will fire 500 investment bankers to compensate for falling revenues, it said Wednesday, giving in to growing cost pressures on the industry caused by a drop in equity trading and merger activity.

Credit Suisse Cuts Jobs, Payouts

  • 26 February 03
  • Reuters
Credit Suisse prepared to cut another 1,250 jobs and slashed its dividend on Tuesday as Switzerland's second-largest bank struggles to recover from a record 2002 loss amid tough markets and the risk of war in Iraq.

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