Articles by Kirill Koriukin

Learning the Lingo

How to choose the right Russian-language course in Moscow, and how much you can expect to pay.

Moskva in Hunt for Luxury Retail Tenant

Luxury shopping in Moscow is likely to reach new heights in 2008, when the poshest store in town is expected to open across from the State Duma building in the heart of the city.

For Banks, Going Public Is a Very Private Affair

Scores of banks that were once little more than pocket institutions for the financial-industrial groups formed in the 1990s are now detaching themselves from their parents and searching out new sources of funding.

Economic Forum Opens in London

Some of the biggest names in Russian business have converged on London this week for the fifth annual Russian Economic Forum.

Shedding Light on Coming Out of the Shadows

Experts say tax laws must be further simplified to bring more companies out of the shadow economy.

Central Bank Wins Out In Sector Reform Battle

  • 06 December 01
  • Staff Writers
The government has adopted a reform plan requiring stricter requirements regarding capital adequacy.

Cracking a New Customs Code

The government says a new Customs Code will help fix the problems the notoriously corrupt State Customs Committee have been surrounded by, but others aren't so sure.

CB Tells Russians to Ditch EU Cash

Russians face tough choices in how to convert European cash as the introduction of the euro draws nearer.

Russia Redeems Itself to The West

Redemption is here as Russia pays off the first sovereign bond issued since the days of the tsars.

Central Bank Frees Up 'S' Accounts

The Central Bank lifted a restriction on the use of foreigners' profits from direct investments.

5 Years On, Mutual Fund Targets 'Mattress Money'

Pioneer First says it's ready to bring billions of dollars into the market by targeting the middle class.

Cabinet Steps to Rid Bankruptcies of 'Criminal Hue'

The Cabinet approved amendments to bankruptcy law that give the government more control over proceedings.

Rankings Rain on Economic Parade

  • 13 November 01
  • Staff Writers
In spite of unprecedented economic achievements recently, Russia is still a risky place for investors.

Property Department Tries to Dim Spotlight

For the first time since 1998 a probe has been launched into the Kremlin property department.

Mayor to Americans: Invest Now or Lose

Moscow Mayor Yury Luzkhkov warned American businessmen to invest in the capital now, not later.

Russian Eurobond Volumes, Prices Surge

Russian Eurobonds surged Thursday, hitting record highs due to an anticipated recovery in oil prices.

The Opportunity Of a Lifetime

President Putin's government has sent the final and most crucial bill in its pension reform package to the State Duma, which looks likely to approve it by the end of the year.

The New Face of Russia's Oligopoly

  • 01 November 01
  • Staff Writers
The Moscow Times' comprehensive overview of Russia's three major financial-industrial groups and the men who run them: Alfa Group, Interros and Russian Aluminum/Millhouse.

Not All Crystal Clear When Investing in Russia

  • 01 November 01
  • Staff Writers
Before deciding to invest in Russia foreign businesses should listen to the story of Sawyer Research Products, which lost $8.2 million after investing in the Vladimir region.

Russian Corporate Profits Drop 4.4%

Though profits this year are lower than in the same period last year, analysts remain unconcerned.

EBRD Approves $90M For UES

The EBRD signed off on a 3-1/2-year, $90 million loan to UES to be used for industry restructuring.

Vena Brewery Plans Expansion as Sales Jump 130%

The Vena brewery's high-end market is growing so rapidly that it is scrambling to increase its capacity.

Corporate Bonds Look For Their Own Niche

Companies and banks expressed hope Tuesday that the Russian corporate bonds market would soon take off.

Russia Courts Swedish Investors

Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Arkady Dvorkovich urged Swedish investors to spend more in Russia on Monday, showering them with promising economic forecasts.

Deripaska Grabs Bank, Insurer

  • 05 October 01
  • Staff Writers
Siberian Aluminum chief Oleg Deripaska together with Sibneft chief Roman Abramovich has added to his empire by taking over Avtobank and leading insurer Ingosstrakh.

KrasAir Flies Over to Domodedovo

KrasAir, Russia's fourth largest airline will be the fourth air carrier this year to sign an agreement with the Domodedovo Airport to switch over from Sheremetyevo Airport.

Yevstafyev Makes a Power Call

Arkady Yevstafyev assured investors he was in control of Mosenergo after the ouster of its former head.

MDM Bank Gives Mamut the Ax

Russia hopes to reach an agreement with Germany on billions of dollars in debts by the spring of 2002.

Rosinter Eyes Russkoye Bistro Chain

Rosinter, the operator of restaurants like Patio Pizza, Rostik's and American Bar and Grill, is looking to add a new chain to its platter -- Russkoye Bistro.

Cabinet Gives Nod to Bank Reform

The government gave the thumbs-up Thursday to a long-awaited restructuring of the banking sector.