Articles by Kevin Rothrock

Russian Internet Faces Tighter Kremlin Control

Russian ISPs might be ordered to kill access to websites amid "serious domestic protests."

Putin Goes After Bloggers, Not Profits

At a highly anticipated meeting last week, President Vladimir Putin spoke to Yandex's Arkady Volozh and Mail.Ru's Dmitry Grishin, both Internet industry leaders who stand to lose huge sums of money if the Kremlin's Internet crackdown causes Russian consumers to take their business to foreign competitors like Google.

The Incredible Shrinking RuNet

Over the past two years, the Russian government has armed itself to the teeth with regulatory powers that enable nearly every conceivable form of Internet censorship.

The Kremlin's Digital Gulag

A Moscow city lawmaker, Alexei Lisovenko, is trying to resuscitate a government push to expand Russia's "digital sovereignty."

Terrorism Bill Hits Netizens

The restrictions for accepting anonymous donations through online services such as Yandex.Dengi will hurt  small civil society groups.

Montenegro Scandal Doesn't Stick to Teflon Navalny

When opposition leader Alexei Navalny decided to run for the Moscow mayor's office, he probably expected to learn a lot about his enemies, the various masters and minions of Kremlin politics.

Navalny's Fundraising Tricks

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic party, said last week that Alexei Navalny should rot behind bars.

The Business Of Endorsing Alexei Navalny

One of the mainstays of Russian politics for the past 10 years has been that Russian business stays out of politics. Late last week, 37 Russian Internet entrepreneurs tried to shatter that taboo, when they signed a public "social contract" endorsing opposition leader Alexei Navalny's run for mayor of Moscow.