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Russia Loses to Wales, Sparking Football Memes Galore

For those of you who didn't watch Russia lose 3-0 to Wales on Monday night, let's start with this little clip.

Live Blog: President Putin Speaks at 2016 St. Petersburg Economic Forum

Bluff Your Way Through Russia's Euro 2016 Football Squad

Russia begin their Euro 2016 football tournament journey on Saturday, playing their first match against England at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille.

Seriously, Moscow, This Is Supposed to Be Summer?

Remember Saturday morning? Early June, bright blue skies over the Moscow River Ч even sunshine if, like this runner, you woke up early enough.

Five Russian Parody Accounts Twitter Needs to Suspend Next

Oh Twitter. You've been wronged. When you moved to suspend several accounts satirizing Russia's ruling elite, the public outcry that followed saw you under attack for hampering free speech.

Twitter Suspends Russian Satirical Accounts, Raising Free Speech Questions

A move by Twitter to delete several Russian accounts satirizing Kremlin politics has sparked protests and raised questions about where the technology company stands on issues of free speech.

Live Blog: Pilot Nadiya Savchenko Returns Home to Ukraine

Following months of negotiations, Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko is on her way back to Ukraine as part of a dramatic prisoner swap, media reported Wednesday.

RuNet Has A Field Day With Medvedev's 'No Money' Quote

When Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited Crimea, he was prepared for handshakes, meetings and rainbows. A soundbite here, a photo-op there.

Campaign to #FindKadyrovsCat Leaves Chechen Leader Unamused

They're capricious, hard to please, and you never know what they will get up to next.

Spring in Moscow Ц Bring on the Random Decorations

If the sun rises sooner and sets later these days, it's probably because it needs time to look at the way Moscow presents itself these days.

Russians Offer Creative Tributes to Yury Gagarin

Open Twitter on Tuesday morning, and you would immediately know what anniversary Russians were celebrating.

The Sky is the Limit - Stunning Videos Show Moscow From Above

Sometimes Moscow just gets to be too much. On days like those, the only way is up. Even if that just means taking a minute to watch one of these videos that show Russia's capital from the sky.

Historical ExoMars Launch Makes Waves on Social Media

Liftoff! Moments after the scheduled starting time, Russian space agency Roscosmos tweeted this picture of the ExoMars mission's successful start.

You Ain't Seen Snow Being Cleared Until You've Seen it Done in Russia

Russian may not be the language with most words for "snow." But Russia is certainly the country with the most entertaining ways of getting rid of it.

8 Smart, Funny, Creative Russian Women to Follow on Instagram

International Women's Day Ч March 8 Ч is just one day out of 366 this year. If you are keen for Russia's successful and talented women to provide you with inspiration year-round, try following them on Instagram.

Moscow Street Art Shows Colorful Corners of Russian Capital

Following our call for examples of Moscow street art, we received a variety of tweets with photos from various parts of the city. Here's a collection for you to enjoy!

6 Ways to Justify Online Gaming as 'Learning About Russia'

Guilt-free gaming Ч now wouldn't that be the dream? Hours spent looking at the screen of your laptop, safe in the knowledge that, should somebody ask what you're doing, you can reply: "I'm working on knowing more about Russia."

6 Times Patriarch Kirill Entertained the RuNet This Week

This week saw an historic meeting between the heads of the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. Then, Patriarch Kirill went to visit some penguins.

9 Things You Didn't Know About OK Go's Zero Gravity Video

By now, you have probably seen "Upside Down & Inside Out" a couple of times. In fact, if you are even remotely interested in music alive, your social timelines are probably full of OK Go's latest video.

Five Links to Show The Full Range of Moscow's Metro Kiosk Destruction

On Tuesday morning, many Muscovites arrived at their metro stations to find them looking radically different. Overnight, innumerable small kiosks had been torn down in a crackdown.

Russian Chemist Dmitry Mendeleev Honored With Google Doodle

Google users in Russia saw a familiar face when they used the search engine on Monday: Dmitry Mendeleev, the 19th century Russian chemist best known for his periodic table of elements.

Twitter Users Remember When McDonald's Came to the Soviet Union

When McDonald's opened on Jan. 31, 1990, it was the first one in all of the Soviet Union.

Russian Twitter Users Commemorate End of Leningrad Blockade

72 years to the day after the Siege of Leningrad ended, Russian Twitter users are making sure the fate of its citizens won't be forgotten.

Dark Humor Rules RuNet as Ruble Crashes

So far, 2016 isn't shaping up to be the best year for the ruble. But as their currency dives to low after low, Russians are entertaining themselves by putting the current crisis into pictures.

Russian Orthodox Believers Take Icy Plunge to Mark Epiphany

What do you do if it's cold outside? You stay indoors, have a hot shower or maybe even a nice long bath. Unless you're Russian, of course.

Russian Selfies Get Stalinified With New App

You could be a fluffy bunny. You could be a scary Zombie. You could even be Conchita Wurst. But you just had to be Stalin, huh?

First Proper Snow This Winter has Muscovites Snap-Happy

You'd think snow in Moscow in winter would be a non-story. But the bout of snowfall that began Tuesday afternoon is the first proper one in what started as a very warm winter.

New York Public Library Releases Fascinating Russian Historical Images

You'd almost think the good people at the New York Public Library were waiting for Christmas. Russian Orthodox Christmas, that is.

Russian 'Sherlock' Fans Takeover Twitter With #ќпросќтЎерлокомана

Friday morning and Twitter is full of images of Benedict Cumberbatch? Must be "Sherlock" fans at work.

These Charts Show Where Russia Stands at the End of 2015

As the year ends, where does Russia stand? How do Russians see key political issues, what do they spend their money on, how health-conscious are they? And how is the country seen by its neighbors?