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Black Sabbath and Psychic TV on Moscow Weekend

We've waited and waited for summer, and now it's finally here Ц well, according to the calendar, at least. The slight cold spell is nothing but a minor drawback, because forecasts say sunshine, blue skies and highs of at least 27 degrees Celsius are in our immediate future.

Aerosmith and Bosco Fresh Fest Hit Moscow

It has been a glorious week, with sunshine, blue skies and summer-like highs of 30 degrees. And there are so many things to do outside: biking, rollerblading, picnicking in parks and taking boat rides around the city.

White Lies and Justin Timberlake on Moscow Weekend

The holidays are over, ladies and gentlemen Ч hopefully, you've had a chance to relax, kick back, maybe even go on a brief vacation and generally recharge. You're going to need all the energy you can muster, as spring is in full swing and there are exciting things happening in our fair capital every day. And it also means that the concert season is really kicking off: This weekend is the perfect example of a great lineup, so listen up and get ready to have some fun!

Gamma Ray and Duke Ellington on Moscow Weekend

Warm days, blue skies and much-needed sunshine Ч all that is finally in Moscow, ladies and gentlemen Ч and I, for one, am very excited about it.

A Musical Moscow Easter Weekend

It is almost Easter Sunday, ladies and gentlemen Ч I hope you're ready to celebrate! The weather seems to be on our side and it is getting warmer each day. That is great news in my book, because I don't know about you, but I was sick and tired of the dark, gloomy winter days. Now, when most of us leave work, it is still light outside and that is definitely a win.

Italian Punk and Russian Jazz on Moscow Weekend

It looks like we are finally firmly in the above-zero temperatures zone, ladies and gentlemen, which is a great thing, because it means winter is over! Admittedly, not for all the Game of Thrones fans, who have just begun watching season 4 of the much-lauded HBO series, but for the rest of us, winter is done.

James Blunt and Sick Puppies to Play in Moscow

It was winter, then spring and now winter again Е all I can say is, the Clash of the Titans continues in Moscow, ladies and gents. But don't despair Ч even though the seasonal rollercoaster is a bit of a pain, we can and will get through it.

Manchester Rock and Georgian Jazz in Moscow Weekend

This past week has been incredible. Warm days, sunny skies and an overall feeling of spring having finally sprung should have been more than enough to put a smile on your face.

Music on a Snowy Moscow Weekend

It would appear that winter is not giving up without a fight, ladies and gentlemen. The good news is, spring is supposed to win this round by Friday, when temperatures are expected to reach double digits. The bad news? Well, I don't think winter is going to give up this easily and we should probably expect at least a few more days of sub-zero temperatures and snowstorms.

A Packed St. Patrick's Day Weekend in Moscow

I don't know about you, ladies and gentlemen, but I've woken up with Bob Marley on my mind every day this past week Ч well, a quote from one of the reggae king's songs, anyway.

A Moscow Weekend With Depeche Mode

It might not yet be the ideal sunny spring, but it is, however, looking like we're going to have an ideal sunny weekend!

Maslenitsa Weekend in Moscow

Sunshine and pancakes: If you ask me, it doesn't get any better than that. That's what Moscow is all about this week, because it's Maslenitsa time!

Punk Rock and Techno in a Moscow Weekend

Dare I say it, ladies and gentlemen? Could spring come to Moscow early this year? It's been an unusually warm February, and I know we are all hoping the weather will stay this agreeable. But even if it doesn't, the days are getting longer, the sun is coming out more often and great bands are performing in our fair capital. As always, there's plenty to choose from this weekend, so let's have a look at who's in town and worth a mention.

A Valentine's Weekend in Moscow

With all the excitement of the Olympic Games in Sochi, many of you may have forgotten that it is Valentine's Day this Friday. Or maybe you have not forgotten at all and are planning surprises for your loved one, or planning a huge party for your friends, or have a scheduled date with a tub of ice cream and a movie?

First Lady of Rock Hits Moscow

January is almost over, which is great news, because it means we are moving closer to snowless, sunny spring. I'm more than ready for spring to Е well, spring upon us.

Bee Gees Tribute and Burns Night Fanfare on a Moscow Weekend

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it finally feels like winter! Sunshine, snow and way-below-zero temperatures is exactly how I like my winters to be, so I'm pretty happy Ч but if you're tired of the cold, there is a surefire way to take your mind off the weather: January might be a bit slow in terms of great gigs, but there still are some that are worth checking out, and I'm going to tell you all about them.

Musical Weekend Best Cure for the January Blues

2014 promises to be a hot year concert-wise, and there are plenty this weekend to help Muscovites banish the winter blues.

New Year's Parties in The Holiday Break

Christmas has come and gone, but the city is still incredibly festive, because as far as most Russians are concerned, the biggest party of the year is yet to happen. I'm talking about New Year's Eve, of course, and Moscow is gearing up for some round-the-clock rock!

U.K. Punk and Siberian Folk for Capital Christmas

I don't know about you, ladies and gentlemen, but I've caught myself humming "Jingle Bell Rock" a few times this week, which means one thing: Christmas is just around the corner and the festive spirit is slowly taking over.

Two Concerts by Zemfira on Wintry Weekend

This week saw everyone in Moscow shiver in the face of the first real cold spell of the winter season. And while the snowfall does help with making the city feel more festive and Christmas-ready, it also makes people cold, traffic worse and just generally dampens spirits.

Sir Elton John in Town in Weekend Full of Music

The holiday season is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Some of my friends have already decorated their Christmas trees, and there are fairs and markets everywhere, selling ornaments, gifts and various other knick-knacks, and there is a general festive feeling in our capital.

A Wintry Weekend Of Hot, New Gigs

It's been a big week, ladies and gents: first snowfall, first frost, first ever designer trunk on Red Square and much more. And if all you're thinking about is holing up at home with some hot drinks and a good book or movie, that's totally fine.

Weekend Concerts in the Capital Cover All Genres

We are halfway through November, ladies and gents, and it hasn't snowed yet - which I personally am very happy about! All I want is snow around Christmas time, to really set the holiday mood, but until then I'm staving winter off with everything I can think of, and good live music is definitely on the list.

Moscow Prepares for a Full Weekend of Concerts

With hip new international rockers like The Subways and trip-hop masters like Teebs, this weekend will be filled with variety.

A Weekend of Music in Moscow

November is upon us, which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and then Christmas and New Year not long after that! But before we all turn to dinners at home with friends and family, or start frantically running around town trying to buy gifts, there is still plenty of time to enjoy Moscow and its fantastic concert lineups.

Moscow Gets Ready For a Weekend of Music

It's been an amazing week and I hope you're ready for an even better weekend, because as always, Moscow is ready to party! There have been Ч and still will be — lots of Halloween parties across the city, but if you've finally wiped off your zombie makeup and are all partied out, there is still plenty to do.

Autumn Winds Carry Music to Moscow

Autumn may have set up camp in Moscow, but that does not mean you have to give up on going out and having fun! It is actually the perfect way to chase away the blues, and forget for a night or two that it is dark and cold outside. That is why I have put together some season-appropriate suggestions for you, and as always, there is plenty to choose from, so let's dive right in!

DJs, Metal and Blues in a Weekend of Concerts

Moscow is, by all accounts, a happening place. But it is also a huge place, and with all that's going on daily, it can be hard — yes, even for the locals — to actually pick something worthwhile to do. So, this is what I'm going to do for you: filter out all the rubbish and throw a few great suggestions your way. Let's have a look at this weekend, then!