Articles by Joyce Man

Healing the Oriental Way

Chinese medical treatment is available at several practices in Moscow -- but you might need to use a translator.

First Person

I have been Lenin for 13 years. I was the first Lenin, and then others came.

What to Do: Dial-a-Priest

You can get pizza, movie tickets, even sex, by telephone. Now, there's also dial-a-priest.

Heating Up the Pizza Business

For more than a decade, one expat has been on a perfect pizza mission.

Check Your Vodka

Now, vodka lovers can check by SMS whether their bottle is a fake.Now, vodka lovers can check by SMS whether their bottle is a fake.

First Person

Roman Khoshruplin, 48, river cruise captain for Stolichnaya Sudokhodnaya Co.

Icon: Baton Nareznoi

When the head technician of the country's largest bread factory is asked about the staple white loaf baton nareznoi, she exclaims more than speaks.

Ask the Frequent

Andrew Miller, Moscow correspondent for The Economist and author of ""The Earl of Petticoat Lane.""

Returning to Nature

Ecovillagers are taking knowledge gleaned at urban universities back to the soil.

Ask the Dentist

Q: What procedures are there to whiten teeth, how long does the effect last, and what negative effects can there be?

Funny Cartoons, Serious Business

A former sociologist found success in TV and is now leading her channel in a radical new direction.

High-Flying Fun

Every summer, 50 launch spots around the Moscow region are filled with air-sports enthusiasts -- and you can join them.

$1Bln Contract to Build Sports Centers

A Chinese construction firm will sign a $1 billion contract next month to build dozens of sports complexes around the country.

In the Eye of the Storm

The Estonian ambassador keeps it simple in the complex realm of Tallinn-Moscow relations.

What to Do: Shop for Investments

The Investor Expo opens its doors to the public on Friday, covering everything from mutual funds and real estate to foreign exchange and insurance.

What to Do: Teddy Bears' Picnic at Tishinka

Theodore ""Teddy"" Roosevelt would have been proud: The bears of child's play spawned in his name have lived on for more than a century.

A Bite to Beware

Ticks become active in the spring from Western Europe to the Far East, and their bite can be fatal.

Toilets, Laptops and a Vibration-Healing Machine

An MGU professor hoped Tuesday that his years-long search for someone to build his vibration-healing machine would end this week at the Crocus-Expo center.

Flying the Vegetarian Flag

In a meat-loving culture founded on kolbasa and pelmeni, and buttressed by kebabs and shaurma, it's difficult, almost sacrilegious, to imagine a life sustained by vegetables.

Ask the Doctor

Q: What's the best hangover cure? Dr. Albert Brian, American Medical Center: The best cure is prevention. The best advice I can give is, don't [drink too much]. Just take it easy.""

Outdoing the iPhone

It was tough to watch Steve Jobs dangle the Apple iPhone before everyone's eyes, and tougher to learn it wouldn't enter Russia at least until the end of 2007.

Sichuan Peppers

Some like it hot, some like it so hot that it numbs, and that's what mala -- literally ""numb spicy"" -- Sichuan peppers are about.

Life on the Streets

Organizations working with homeless and neglected youth are seeing fewer children on Moscow's streets.

How to Help

Finding a homeless child at your doorway presents a small dilemma: How can the child be convinced to go without force and without causing them more harm?

Doctor of Diplomacy

Leonid Roshal treats children -- except when he's called in to negotiate during hostage-takings.

Meet Chinese Moscow

Where to find all things authentically Chinese, from food to newspapers to traditional medicine.

Belting Up Baby

Baby on board -- no wait, in Russia now, it's: Baby on board, harnessed across chest and legs to a padded polypropylene carcass mold, secured to a metal-locked anchor system, and maybe strapped down again by seat belts.

Your Own Personal Jeeves

Moneyed Muscovites with no time to spare are turning to concierge services for ""lifestyle management"" help.

Chinese, Tajik Vendors Anticipate Troubles Ahead

Walking briskly through the concrete corridors of Cherkizovsky market, Lin Qisong gesticulates wildly, barely containing his anger.

Mystery Envelops Pryamukhino

Villagers, Orthodox Church elders and many others who loved Father Andrei Nikolayev are expected to gather here Monday on the ninth day since his death in accordance with Russian Orthodox tradition.