Articles by Joseph S. Nye

The Legacy of John F. Kennedy Reconsidered

Taking an objective look at JFK's legacy, he was a good president but not a great one.

Asian Nationalism at Sea

Will war break out in the seas of East Asia? After Chinese and Japanese nationalists staged competing occupations of the barren landmasses that China refers to as the Diaoyu Islands and Japan calls the Senkaku Islands, angry demonstrators in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu chanted, "We must kill all Japanese."

The Reality of Virtual Power

As Arab regimes struggle with demonstrations fueled by Twitter and Al Jazeera, and U.S. diplomats try to understand the impact of WikiLeaks, it is clear that this global information age will require a more sophisticated understanding of how power works in world politics.

The Future of Power

Global government is unlikely in the 21st century, but various degrees of global governance already exist. The world has hundreds of treaties, institutions and regimes for governing interstate behavior involving telecommunications, civil aviation, ocean dumping, and trade.

Can Russia Be Great?

In the 1950s, many Americans feared that the Soviet Union would surpass the United States as the worldТs leading power. The Soviet Union had the worldТs largest territory, the third-largest population and the second-largest economy, and it produced more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia.

The Dollar and the Dragon

For several years, U.S. officials have pressed China to revalue its currency. They complain that the undervalued yuan represents unfair competition, destroys U.S. jobs and contributes to the U.S. trade deficit. How, then, should Washington respond?

ObamaТs Nuclear Agenda

Obama's long-term goal of abolishing nuclear weapons will require a great deal of preparatory work before it becomes an operational rather than an aspirational objective.

Cyber Insecurity

Computer hackers attacked Georgian government web sites in the weeks preceding the outbreak of armed conflict in August. The Russia-Georgia conflict represents the first significant cyber-attacks accompanying armed conflict. Welcome to the 21st century.

Europe's Power to Lead

At last month's World Economic Forum in Davos, the buzz was about Asia's growing power. One Asian analyst argued that by 2050, there will be three world powers: the United States, China and India.

U.S. Imperial Understretch?

  • 26 May 03
  • The Washington Post
The military victory in Iraq seems to have confirmed a new world order. Not since Rome has one nation loomed so large above the others.