Articles by John Varoli

Faberge Collector Invests 90 Million Euros More

  • 13 July 10
  • Bloomberg
The man who bought the worldТs most expensive egg is thinking big. Russian billionaire Alexander Ivanov, who paid $17.7 million for a Faberge egg in 2007, said he has spent an additional $113 million just in the last year to add to a collection worth $2 billion.

Auctioneers Gear Up for Russian Sales

  • 13 October 09
  • Bloomberg
This week's event is the first major Russian art auction since June, when total takings at Christie's, Sotheby's and MacDougall's in London were half that of 2008.

Art Moscow Opens, Hopes Crisis Over

  • 24 September 09
  • Bloomberg
The countryТs biggest contemporary art fair opened Wednesday, trying to lure billionaire collectors even as the recession lingers.

Novatek Sponsors Samara Art Show

  • 11 February 09
  • Bloomberg
Billionaire Leonid Mikhelson's company Novatek is sponsoring Russia's first exhibition of a state museum's works by a private gallery, with a display of 30 masterpieces by 20th-century master Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

Russian Art to Have Its Day in Kiev

  • 22 January 09
  • Bloomberg
Viktor Pinchuk, a billionaire known for his collection of Western artists such as Damien Hirst and Andreas Gurksy, is turning to Russia for his latest show.

Postwar Art Fakes on the Rise

  • 20 October 08
  • Bloomberg
The market for Russian postwar art faces a growing number of forgeries as demand and prices increase, said artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, who have discovered fakes of their works for sale.

Faberge Fan Explains His Fascination

  • 28 February 08
  • Bloomberg
Alexander Ivanov has written himself into auction history as the man who spent $17.7 million on an egg.

Rothschilds' Egg Set to Crack Faberge Record

  • 27 November 07
  • Bloomberg
A Faberge egg owned by the Rothschild banking family is set to become the most expensive Russian decorative artwork ever auctioned, as Christie's International holds a record sale of Russian art in London this week.

Rothschilds' Egg Set to Crack Faberge Record

  • 27 November 07
  • Bloomberg
A Faberge egg owned by the Rothschild banking family is set to become the most expensive Russian decorative artwork ever auctioned, as Christie's International holds a record sale of Russian art in London this week.

Pinchuk Emerges as Art's Mystery Buyer

  • 26 October 07
  • Bloomberg
KIEV -- Viktor Pinchuk, a steel billionaire, has provided the answer to one of the biggest mysteries in the art market.

Property Values Threaten St. Petersburg Landmarks

  • 19 September 06
  • Bloomberg
Property values have more than quadrupled after seven years of growth to an average of $1,800 per square meter in St. Petersburg, said Itaka, a local real estate firm.

Mariinsky Theater to Close for a Makeover

  • 16 May 06
  • Bloomberg
The Mariinsky, St. Petersburg's leading opera and ballet theater, will close for repairs in January 2007 and is scheduled to reopen in May 2008, general director Valery Gergiev said last week.

Melnikov Daughter Drops House Claim

  • 21 March 06
  • Bloomberg
Yelena Melnikova abandoned her claim to half of her family's house, a downtown Moscow 1920s Constructivist landmark, settling a 20-year-old ownership conflict and paving the way for the creation of a museum in honor of the Soviet architect who built it, Konstantin Melnikov.

$50M Expansion for Kremlin Museum

  • 14 March 06
  • Bloomberg
The State Kremlin Museum, the repository of Russia's national regalia and home to some of its most important historical landmarks, is celebrating its 200th birthday with construction later this year of a $50 million building to increase exhibition and office space.

$100M Expansion to Boost Hermitage

  • 07 February 06
  • Bloomberg
The Hermitage Museum plans to complete work by 2009 on a $100 million expansion that will allow more of the museum's collection to be on public display.

Surname a Mixed Blessing for Solzhenitsyn's Son

  • 02 February 06
  • Bloomberg
Ignat Solzhenitsyn is winning his own accolades as a conductor and pianist.

Top-of-Line Art Fair Draws Eager Buyers

  • 20 September 05
  • Bloomberg
Moscow is capturing the imagination of art dealers around the world, as booming oil and metals prices give Russia's newly rich cash to lavish on the arts.

Sotheby's Russian Art Sale Reaps $35M

  • 25 April 05
  • Bloomberg
The first combined sale of Russian paintings and works of art at Sotheby's in New York earned $35,167,720, making it the most successful auction of Russian art in history.

A War-Torn Berlin Reborn in St. Pete

  • 08 October 03
It has been 58 years since the end of World War II, but actors playing German and Soviet troops were battling incessantly in this working-class neighborhood, transformed by Germany's Constantin Film company into a district of Berlin circa April 1945, for the shooting of ""Der Untergang,"" or ""Sunset.""

St. Petersburgers Raising High the Roof Beams

  • 14 January 03
It's a long climb up poorly lighted stairs to reach Gillian Bailey's 19th-century apartment high above this city's congested historic center.

Ivanisevic Trounces Massu in St. Pete

Goran Ivanisevic beat Chilean Nicholas Massu to advance into the second round of the St. Petersburg Open.

Snapping Up Romanov Style for Peasant Prices

  • 09 October 01
Inspired by a vision of Russian aristocratic beauty -- and aided by a large pool of cheap skilled labor -- Rundell, 43, now owns four remodeled tsarist-era apartments, with plans to buy two more.

Russian Net Struggles to Catch Up

  • 17 July 01
ST. PETERSBURG Ч With its vast distances, highly educated population and desperate need of a modern communications system, Russia would seem the perfect place for the Internet to take hold. But while much of the Western world jumped online in the 1990s, Russia, embroiled in political turmoil and growing poverty, missed the revolution. In the last two years, however, as the economy has posted its strongest growth in almost two decades, Russian Internet companies have grown rapidly, and the number of Russian Internet users has increased more than 50 percent to about 4 million. And already, the Western model of mergers, revampings and layoffs is increasingly the rule, in part a result of the fallout from the global technology meltdown. The Internet in Russia, known as Runet, is still in its infancy, with only 2.5 percent of the country's population online Ч at work, home or perhaps a cafe Ч at least once a week, according to the Communications Ministry. That is less than one-tenth the portion of U.S.

Former Oil Executive Moves to Pulp and Paper

Mikhail Moshiashvili sees a chance to shape a growing company's destiny in for ZAO Ilim Pulp Enterprise.

Stolen Paintings Find Way Home

A decade-long struggle over seven stolen drawings that left egg on the faces of both Russian and French officials is finally over.

St. Pete Breeding Ground for World Class Hackers

Two years ago, Dr. Linnux could hardly imagine joining the ranks of Russia's computer hackers.

Oil Prices Fuel Interest in Arctic

  • 10 October 00
ST. PETERSBURG Ч The Far North is an inhospitable sheet of ice and snow. But to energy companies hungry for new supplies, the lure of profits has started to make the region inviting. With huge reserves of oil and natural gas beneath frigid seas, the Russian Arctic is one of the last untapped treasure-troves of fuel. And the rising price of fuel has made the industry more confident that the risk and expense of getting it are justified, for domestic needs and for export. The country's energy resources have, in fact, enhanced its economic power in just the last few months, as fuel prices have soared in the West and raised the prospect of shortages this winter. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries recently asked Russia to consider becoming a member Ч the Russians declined Ч and the European Union began talks on sharply increasing its imports of Russian natural gas and oil.

Weakened Ruble Strengthens National Timber

  • 10 October 00
ST. PETERSBURG Ч Until a few years ago, the small town of Sokol in the northwest region of Vologda was largely idle. Now, thanks to a timber plant that was nearly bankrupt, Sokol is coming to life again. Logs are brought in constantly by rail. Large tractors haul loads of wood. Even more important, employees are paid real money for real work Ч a not-so-common arrangement in Russia's economy. After a decade of decline, the forest-products industry is bouncing back, revived by a weak ruble and rising domestic demand. The industry is finding the sale of processed wood especially lucrative. In 1999, the country produced 110 million cubic meters of processed wood, up 25 percent from 1998. At the same time, timber companies are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in new processing plants. The Moscow-based Sputnik Group and ZAO Ilim Pulp Enterprises of St. Petersburg are leading the resurgence.

Electrosila to Invest in Engines

Electrosila said it plans to begin production of engines for use in public transport vehicles.

St. Pete Residents Buying Into Suburban Dream