Articles by Irina Titova

St. Petersburg City Guide Still Going Strong at 84

Every morning by 11 a.m. Lidia Moshkova is in her office supervising her 17 employees. Not bad for an 84-year-old.

Enjoy White Nights On St. Petes Bridges

Sunset is still after 11 p.m. in St. Petersburg right now as the white nights continue. One of citys main attractions during this time is watching the bridges open. Stand on the embankment as the bridge goes up and you will see a flotilla of small boats, packed with tourists, filling the Neva River as they sail under the opening bridges.

Raketa Watch Factory Loved by Brezhnev Looks for Revival

St. Petersburg Mikhail Gorbachev, the general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and a political reformer, was once supposedly asked to clarify what he implied when he used the term "perestroika" to describe his political reform.

New St. Petersburg Air Terminal Starts Operations

The long-awaited new terminal of St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport has entered into service. The first flights were transferred to the new Terminal 1 from the Pulkovo 2 terminal on Dec. 4 and were Rossia Airline flights heading to Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt.

Pulkovo Airport Prepares For Takeoff

On an overcast autumn morning this month about 200 St. Petersburg residents arrived at the city's Pulkovo airport knowing they would not fly off to exotic destinations.

Massive Choir Breaks Record

A choir consisting of 4,335 St. Petersburg residents performed at St. Isaac's Cathedral during the city's 310th anniversary celebration, setting a Guinness World Record and thrilling the crowd despite the intermittent rain.

Behind the Scenes at Pulkovo Airport

With St. Petersburg's Pulkovo International Airport celebrating its 90th birthday this year, and talks underway about declaring the original terminal building a historic landmark, preparations for the opening of a new terminal at the end of this year continue apace.

Church Holds Service After Century of Silence

About 50 people gathered for a traditional Christmas carol service held by the Anglican Chaplaincy of St. Petersburg in the Anglican church at 56 Angliiskaya Naberezhnaya the night of Dec. 18.

1812 Exhibit Opens in St. Pete

An art exposition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the 1812 French invasion of Russia has opened at the Stroganov Palace in St. Petersburg.

Island Set to Reopen to Visitors

New Holland Island, which opened to the public for the first time last summer, kicks off its new summer season this weekend.

Vegetarians Thrive Despite Widespread Prejudice

Vegetarians and vegans in Russia face an uphill battle in receiving broad acceptance of their diets.

Poll: Students Laugh Most, Pensioners Least

Students and bosses laugh the most, while pensioners and people who have not completed high school find little to chuckle about, according to a recent poll.

Easter Exhibit Opens In Peter, Paul Fortress

As Orthodox Easter grows nearer, an exhibit will open Friday at the Peter and Paul Fortress that aims to educate visitors on the checkered history of Easter celebrations in St. Petersburg from the 19th through the 21st centuries.

Law Makes Finns Return Land on Border Territory

Finnish citizens and companies that own real estate on Russian territory near the border will have to give up their land under a new law.

'90s Flashback From Ads on Show

"I want to marry a millionaire"; "I will give driving lessons to an 18-year-old girl"; and "I'd like to trade my washing machine for a portable TV" are examples of classifieds placed in newspapers in the early 1990s, when advertising began to take its first steps in Russia, a country that back then knew little about marketing.

U.S., St. Pete Unite Over Brodsky's Flat

The apartment-museum of Russian-born writer and Nobel Prize laureate Joseph Brodsky may open in St. Petersburg as a joint cultural project between Russia and the United States.

Siege Memorial Events Set Up

More than 154,000 Siege of Leningrad survivors living in St. Petersburg will celebrate the 68th anniversary of the full liberation of the city on Friday, Jan. 27. Events dedicated to the anniversary will, as usual, be held around the city.

Animals' Military Role Remembered in St. Pete

Gas masks for horses, body armor for dogs and various accessories for pigeons, snakes and other animals went on display at a thought-provoking exhibition dedicated to the use of animals in war that opened at St. Petersburg's Artillery Museum on Friday.

Rainy Month Results in a Bumper Mushroom Crop

This fall, Russian mushroomers are enjoying a bumper crop of the beloved fungi. Happy hunters have been returning from local forests with baskets brimming with ceps, red-cap boletes, birch boletes and chanterelles. Some say this year Russia is enjoying its best mushroom season in half a century.

'Grandmaket' Brings Russia Down to Size

The world's biggest country has been reduced to an 800-square-meter model in a unique new exhibition depicting the whole of the Russian Federation from its most Western point of Kaliningrad to Kamchatka in the east now on show in St. Petersburg.

Mariinsky Theater Looks to New Stage

The Mariinsky Theater looked to the future as it celebrated its 150th birthday with a gala night that saw segments from the ballets Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty, featuring ballerinas Ulyana Lopatkina and Diana Vishnyova, and talk of the new stage that is set to open in 2012.

Developers Pursue Seed Bank Territory

  • 24 August 10
  • The Associated Press
The Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry's seed bank the world's first survived World War II, but now court-approved plans threaten to rip up its vast fields of genetically diverse plants to make room for fancy homes on the land it occupies in the St. Petersburg suburb of Pavlovsk.

Forensic Experts: Blood on the Sofa Is Pushkins

Bloodstains on a sofa in the Pushkin Apartment Museum are those of the 19th-century poet, who died after a duel, a medical examination has proven.

Museum Staff Against Moving 14th-Century Icon

The Toropets icon of the Virgin Mary in St. Petersburg is at the center of a custody dispute.

Nabokov's Last Book 'Laura' Finally Hits Shops

  • 02 December 09
  • The Associated Press
The emigre author wrote "The Original of Laura" on index cards from 1975 to 1977, the last years of his life, and had asked his wife and son to burn the cards after his death.

St. Pete Locals Fighting to Keep Park

Komendantsky Pereulok residents squared off with security guards from the Severny Gorod company on Oct. 5 after the builder put up a fence around the garden and began moving equipment to the site.

Dacha Rental Prices Spike Near St. Pete

A study finds that summer rental prices for cottages have risen as much as 100 percent since last year.

Zenit Win Lifts, and Pours, Spirits at Home

  • 16 May 08
  • and Simon Saradzhyan
The St. Petersburg club's win over Glasgow Rangers in the UEFA Cup final touches off violent clashes in Manchester.

British Council Closes in St. Pete

  • 17 January 08
  • Staff Writers
Tensions over the British Council escalated Wednesday as the group shut its office in St. Petersburg and Russia's ambassador to Britain was summoned to the Foreign Office.

British Council Closes in St. Pete

  • 17 January 08
  • Staff Writers
Tensions over the British Council escalated Wednesday as the group shut its office in St. Petersburg and Russia's ambassador to Britain was summoned to the Foreign Office.