Articles by Irina Malkova

Shareholder Wins Ruling Against Transneft Over Charity Funds

Transneft minority shareholder Alexei Navalny has won a court ruling forcing the police to conduct a check into the beneficiaries of the state-owned oil pipeline operator's billions of rubles in charity donations.

Oil Firms Face Gas Station Cap

A new bill prepared by the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service would prohibit a company with more than 35 percent of the market share of gas stations in a particular area from expanding its operation any further in that region.

Kudrin: Tax Breaks for East Siberian Oil Fields Hurting Budget

A tax break won by the oil industry last year that eliminated export duties for 13 fields in eastern Siberia is taking an unexpectedly high toll on budget revenue and has the Finance Ministry alarmed.

Lawyer: Sberbank Asked Sibir for $60M

Sberbank wanted a $60 million УpremiumФ for providing Sibir Energy with a $192 million loan, a lawyer for Shalva Chigirinsky, the oil companyТs beleaguered former shareholder, told a London court.

Oil Tax Plan Would Ease Burden on New Fields

The majority of new oil projects in Russia will not be profitable even with oil prices at $150 per barrel, according to an Energy Ministry proposal on how to reduce taxes at undeveloped fields.