Articles by Igor Gamayunov

Discussing the Fate of Russia in Bunker Banya

Out in the provinces no one can even imagine life without corruption and crime.

A Tax Cop Who Dared Tread on Powerful Toes

Something unheard-of was happening in Saratov: Businessmen were being convicted of tax evasion. One sensational trial after another.

What Justice If Crooked Judges Above the Law?

Every day seems to bring more evidence that court rulings in Russia depend on the size of the bribe paid.

Hunting for Hares and Missing the Big Game

Yury Mineyev clearly posed a threat to national security by riding public transportation for free.

Penny-Wise Policy Puts Witnesses in Danger

The cold-blooded murder of witnesses is nothing less than the murder of Russian justice as a whole.

What Happens When the Bandits Are the Cops

This was something new for the Russian court system: a case with shots fired and blood shed, but no conviction. The accused were acquitted. Here's how it came down.

Tale of Fatherly Love and Crime for Our Time

Much that seems commonplace in today's Russia would have been unthinkable in the not-too-distant past.

Kidnapping and Extortion in Self-Defense

The head of the police counter-narcotics division planned the kidnapping, and he is not the only lawman to turn to crime to boost a meager salary. But he has paid the price.

Working Girls, Murder and a Powerful Papa

My introduction to the criminal world of the ""intimate services"" business started with two murders.

Resist Arrest, Get Shot, Go to Prison and Wait

Chechnya isn't the only region in this country where human rights are being violated.

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Police Can Be More Frightening Than Bandits

Seaside Resort Prosecutor's Lot Is No Holiday

ESSAY: Tax Police Reveal Shady Side of Power, Money

ESSAY: Scourge of Narcotics Poisons Soul of the Nation

ESSAY: Tax Raids Should Force Duma to Act on Code

ESSAY: Criminal World Pays High Price for Its Cruelty

Russian Law Metes Out Justice Only to Weak

Farmer Learns to Live by Rule of Armed Force

Amoral Methods in Struggle Against Bribery

Amoral Methods in Struggle Against Bribery