Articles by Ian Pryde

Russia's Dull Heat of the Technological Revolution

I noted in my last blog that Russia had imprisoned hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and that it finally needed to start trusting its own people.

Time for Common Sense

On June 18, 2013, President Putin warned that government revenues would be less than previously expected and that the budget policy for 2014-2016 had to be planned accordingly. He also said that while revenues from natural resources were decreasing, financing from other industries was so far limited.

Russia: A Failed Tourist Mecca

On March 15, 2013, the Financial Times published an article on "Moscow's new art centers — A tour of the hotspots of a creative renaissance that could lift Moscow's profile as a cutting-edge destination."

Africa and Russia: Victimhood vs. Empowerment?

In his writeup of this year's gathering of politicians and businessmen in Davos ("Complacency in a Leaderless, Multipolar World," The Moscow Times, Feb. 12, 2013), Nobel laureate in economics Joseph Stiglitz quotes with apparent approval a development expert who claimed that "The West never had any moral authority."

Goldman Sachs' Mission Impossible

In the third quarter of 2012, the economy chalked up its 55th straight quarter of growth and surprised analysts on the upside by growing 7.1 percent. The economy has apparently stabilized at 5 to 6 percent per annum recently, but the Finance Ministry reckons that the growth rate could eventually rise to 7 to 8 percent.

Turning Sochi Into Russia's Coming Out Party

It is easy for such prestige projects to backfire. Look at Beijing in 2008 and India in 2010.

In Urgent Need of a Big Dosage of Acceleration

Russia urgently needs a healthy dose of uskoreniye. or acceleration. Past reforms were efforts to catch up with the West, but now other developing countries are catching up fast with Russia itself.

You CanТt Innovate by Decree

Eminent Western speakers put forward seemingly logical ideas on modernization and what Russia needs to do to modernize at the Global Policy Forum. But most of the speakers were naively overoptimistic on the countryТs willingness and ability to implement change.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Need Not Invest Here

Russia's main reason for refusing to grant a unilateral visa-free regime is not economic but ideological and is tied to the Kremlin's outdated perception of how a superpower should act. Meanwhile, any entrepreneur who tries to get a visa to Russia is in for a headache.

Building a Global Financial Center

With Russia's economy on a rebound, the Kremlin is turning back to its goal of making Moscow a global financial center. For that to happen, two executives write, the Kremlin will need to make the Russian capital attractive to foreign businesses.

Rebranding RussiaТs Agitprop

Russia has always had a plethora of bad news that ruins its image, and it hasnТt realized that you canТt create good PR on bad news.

Switchover to IAS No Smooth Sailing

The decision to switch to international accounting standards from Jan. 1, 2004 will place heavy demands not only on the financial departments of Russian companies.

Spending Priorities Shifting as Local IT Market Matures

The local information technology market looks set to mature over the next few years as companies switch their spending away from hardware to software and IT services.