Articles by Ian Geoghegan

Travel, Trade to Usher In European Expansion

  • 02 March 04
  • Reuters
Two months before the European Union rolls over the old Iron Curtain into central and eastern Europe, truckers queue at Hungary's western border with Austria, waiting for seemingly endless customs controls.

Hungarian PM Admits to Spying Past

  • 20 June 02
  • Reuters
Hungarian Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy admitted Wednesday he was a communist secret service counterintelligence officer more than 20 years ago and proposed naming all politicians who had held such posts to avoid ""political blackmail.""

East Moves Left as West Shifts Right

  • 18 June 02
  • Reuters
Western Europe, uneasy about immigration and crime, is shifting to the political right. Voters in the young democracies of Central and Eastern Europe, seeking economic reassurance and smooth entry to the European Union, are turning to the center left.

EU Pieces Together New Pact

EU Leaders Struggle To Complete Treaty

War Crimes Tribunal Sentences Croat to 10 Years

War Crimes Victim Tells Tale Of Gruesome Torture

UN Charges Karadzic, Mladic With Genocide