Articles by Herbert Mosmuller

Strelka Summer Offers 'Responsible Fun'

Design school Strelka's second summer season is now in full flow with a potpourri of film screenings, concerts, theater events, workshops and lectures.

When Time Completely Stopped for a Fallen Soldier's Wife

When Pyotr Koval was drafted into the Red Army and sent to the front in 1941, he and his wife, Galina, stopped their watches to show that time stopped for them when they were apart. They never wound up the watches again.

Apple Launches iPad 2 Early

Official sales of Apple's iPad 2 will kick off Friday, retailers said Wednesday, in an apparently hurried response to unauthorized sales of the device in recent weeks.

Amazon Will Deliver to Iraq Before Russia

The world's biggest online retailer,, offers shipping to practically anywhere in the world, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. Even people craving an iPad 2 in war-torn and isolated countries can check the box for standard or expedited shipping. But not in Russia.

Domodedovo Closed for Hour in Terror Test

Investigators closed off the main entrances at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport for an hour last weekend to re-enact terrorist preparations for the January blast that killed 37 in the international arrivals hall, reported Tuesday.

Nurgaliyev Promises Regular Police Performance Reports

Regional, district and precinct police officials nationwide will report on their performance to the public at regular open meetings starting in June, Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev said Wednesday.

Failed Contestant Suspected in 'Dom-2' Blast

The main suspect in a weekend explosion that maimed a guard on the set of the "Dom-2" reality television show is a wannabe contestant who claimed that he was roughed up by the guards, media reports said Monday.

Astakhov 'Imposter' Detained

A former Samara teacher who legally changed his name to Pavel Astakhov and started offering legal services faces charges of identity theft for purportedly impersonating the children's ombudsman and celebrity lawyer of the same name.

Migrants Turn Moscow Into Europe's Biggest City

Moscow is Europe's biggest city with a population that has swelled by 1.1 million people over the past eight years, but mostly due to an inflow of migrants attracted by the best wages in the country, new statistics show.

Federal Guard Service Orders Marble Tub for $11,900

The Federal Guard Service placed an order for a marble bathtub worth 336,000 rubles ($11,900), media reported — just as the Audit Chamber lambasted the current system of state tenders for allowing officials to waste state money.

Medvedev Signs Bill Granting Officials, Rights Groups Access to Prisons

In a bid to step up control over the country's notorious prison system, the Kremlin authorized on Thursday a range of senior officials and rights activists to access detention facilities without special permits.