Articles by Garfield Reynolds

UES Plans Asset Sales to Fund Repairs

  • 01 November 05
  • Bloomberg
Unified Energy Systems, or UES, Russia's national power utility, will resume asset sales after a three-year break and invest the funds raised in upgrades and repairs.

Bogdanchikov: Rosneft Aims for No. 1

  • 11 August 05
  • Bloomberg
State oil producer Rosneft plans to become the country's biggest oil company by 2008, after more than tripling output this year by adding the Yukos unit that had been confiscated last year to pay back taxes.

Tycoon Unveils Stadium Plans

  • 14 July 05
  • Bloomberg
Roman Abramovich, owner of London's Chelsea Football Club and Russia's richest man, plans to build his home country a new national soccer stadium to rival Wembley and the Stade de France.

Regulator Threatens Giant BP-TNK Field

  • 31 May 04
  • Bloomberg
BP's Russian venture may have to stop pumping oil at its largest Siberian field because the company doesn't have a government-approved plan for the project, Federal Energy Agency head Sergei Oganesyan said.

Fashion TV Opening a Club in St. Petersburg

  • 26 February 04
  • Bloomberg
Fashion TV, the only 24-hour cable television channel dedicated to fashion, will open its first bar in Russia as citizens in the world's seventh-most-populous country become richer.

Gazprom Fights Off Domestic Woes

  • 20 June 00
  • Staff Writers
Gazprom does more than simply extract and export natural gas and wields enormous political clout.

21 Months of Purgatory May Await Gusinsky

Media Man's Dance With Authority

The system that Vladimir Gusinsky helped create has turned against him. Gusinsky, now 47, emerged in the early 1990s as one of many rising entrepreneurs in the heady early days of the country's switch to capitalism.

Putin Gives People Paternal Patriotism

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Following the Same Old Map

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Ruble Firm as State Goes to Single Forex Session

Soviet Army's Flawed Foundations

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West Wants More Time To Study T-Bill Plan

Duma Set to Pass Budget in January

Property Crash Undermining City Revenues

HC CSKA Humiliated 10-0 as Team Strikes

hc cska humiliated 10-0 as team strike