Articles by Fiona Hill

Putin Sees His Role as Protector of a Great Nation

President Vladimir Putin's improbable rise to the pinnacle of Russian power in 1999-2000 was partly the result of an elite consensus about the importance of restoring order to the Russian state after a decade of domestic crisis and international humiliation.

A Dangerously Failing State in Central Asia

Suicide bomb attacks and battles with police in the past week left scores of people dead and wounded in Uzbekistan. Against the backdrop of the Madrid train bombings and Uzbekistan's role as an American ally in the war on terrorism -- hosting a U.S. base on its soil -- it's easy to see another link in the chain of al-Qaida-inspired events.

Doubling GDP and the Illusion of Growth

In his May 16 address to the State Duma, President Vladimir Putin outlined the ambitious goal of doubling the nation's GDP in the next decade.