Articles by Evgeny Reyzman

Hiring Expat Managers in Russia: Job Titles that Matter

  • 22 September 09
  • Baker & McKenzie
Excerpt from migration interview (all details of participants are classified and have been changed):

Reduction of Working Time During the Economic Downturn

  • 05 August 09
  • Baker & McKenzie
The current global economic downturn is forcing many companies to review personnel costs. Russian labor law offers various ways to modify working patterns, but their flexibility and ease of implementation are questionable.

Fare Thee Well, but Not Forever... Layoffs in the Time of Troubles

The times of trouble has come to Russia. Businesses, mostly in the investment and banking sectors, will have to resort to material staff layoffs in the near future. This article is an attempt to suggest some basic strategic recommendations to employers, rather than to reiterate again the description of legal technicalities.