Articles by Erin Arvedlund

Domestic Designers Offer Class for the Masses

  • 12 April 04
As they peeled out of street clothes -- low-slung jeans, stiletto boots and Gucci handbags -- and slipped into satiny flowing dresses or pragmatic sportswear -- the models working the catwalks during Russian Fashion Week showed off collections that left behind the avant-garde, often downright odd designs that have dominated Russian high fashion.

Hollywood Studios Slash DVD Prices in Russia

  • 08 April 04
The American film industry is fighting rampant DVD piracy in Russia with a radical new tactic: cutting prices.

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Fund Rides Missiles to Modems

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Norilsk Board Approves 2nd Share Plan

Norilsk to Vote on New Share Proposal

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Ministers Told to Raise Investments

City's 'Golden Shares' Worry Investors

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