Articles by Eradzh Nidoev

Muscovites Embrace Learning Central Asian Languages

Hear a man speaking Tajik on Moscow's fashionable Krymskaya Embankment, and you could be forgiven for thinking he's a migrant worker on break from one of the many construction sites in the area.

Comedy Festival Spreads Stand-Up in Russia

If you are really thirsty for audacious humor, the Moscow Irish Comedy Fest, or MIC Fest, is for you. This Saturday, prominent Irish stand-up comedian Dara O'Briain will perform for the first time in Russia as part of an annual comedy festival aimed at encouraging Russia's fledgling stand-up comedy community.

90 Years Old, Mosfilm Doesn't Believe in Tears

State-owned film company Mosfilm, best known for producing Soviet classics from "The Battleship Potemkin" to "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" celebrated its 90th anniversary this month with two weeks of celebrations and retrospective shows.

Legal Online Video Has Inroads in Russia

While online video streaming in the U.S. has shown that the Internet can be effectively monetized by film and television, the fear of piracy in Russia has limited the spread of such services here.

Festival for Starting Filmmakers Opens in Moscow

Do you live in Moscow and dream of becoming a big director? You may have your first film completed, but not know how to show it to a big audience. If so, welcome to "Debut Film!"

Undercover at a Russian Hospital

A Moscow Times reporter finds that doctors and nurses receive low wages and are offered monetary "gifts." But they also love their jobs and their patients.

Hollywood Searches for Fresh Talents in Russia

If you can't go to Hollywood, Hollywood will come to you. The AstraFilm studio and Kultburo education center with support from the Ministry of Culture, earlier this week held the first training program for actors, agents and casting-directors in Russia with experts from Hollywood.

Goethe Institute presents Festival German Cinema in Moscow

If you feel generational conflict with your children, then going together to the Blick'13  Festival of New German Cinema at the Khudozhestvenny Theater might be a good idea. This week, Goethe Institute will present its first festival of German cinema Blick'13, using the timeless theme of "fathers and sons."

My 2 Days Working Undercover at Moscow's Sadovod Market

A Moscow Times reporter, posing as an unemployed Tajik migrant, finds out what it is like to be employed as a guest worker at Moscow's biggest market amid a citywide crackdown on illegal migration.

'GTA V' Makes History in Anti-Piracy Fight

"Grand Theft Auto V," which earned $1 billion worldwide in just three days, has broken seven Guinness world records, including best-selling video game.

Film Profiles Soviet Writers Ilf and Petrov

Soviet literature would not be so ironic and joyful if, once upon a time, the novice writers Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov had not met and decided to start composing novels. Now, a new documentary will the bring the work of the unlikely duo to a new generation of Russians.

'Hospital Clowns' Festival for disabled children to open in Ermitazh

If you've ever visited a Russian state hospital for children, you understand how miserable, sad and pessimistic it can be to spend long periods of time there, especially through the eyes of a kid. But even the gloomiest hospital can seem to have a complete makeover if a hospital clown appears.

Moscow Glimpses Backstage in Woody Allen's Life

Robert Weide's documentary on the screenwriter and director's life hits the big screen at Pioner cinema after a stint at MIFF.

'Optimistic' Channel Gets a Sobering Makeover

More than a year after the start of marches against allegedly rigged Duma elections, the burning caldron that was the Russian protest movement cooled to a gentle bubbling, while its participants went back to their usual temperate lives.

'Pushkin's Grandmother' Brings Russian Poetry Back to Life

Unless you have traveled forward in time from the beginning of the 20th century, writing rhymes might not seem like the hippest thing to do. Such an old-fashioned skill probably won't even get you a date.

Leningrad Siege Survivors Praise Dutch Filmmaker with Medal

Dutch filmmaker Jessica Gorter doesn't have relatives who had to endure the siege of Leningrad. She hasn't lived in St. Petersburg, and she grew up speaking what locals might consider an obscure language.

Russians Invited to Document Their Lives on Film

If you live in Moscow, breathe and have a fairly stable hand, consider yourself invited to take part in a new documentary series.

Guelman Back With Kazakh Contemporary Art

"I'm a gallery owner again," he said.
Guelman, a former political spin doctor, returns less than six months after closing his Moscow gallery and after a period of semi-exile in Perm, where he attempted to make the Urals city a cultural powerhouse.

Guelman Returns With Kazakh Contemporary Art

Guelman, a former political spin doctor, returns less than six months after closing his Moscow gallery and after a period of semi-exile in Perm, where he attempted to make the Urals city a cultural powerhouse.