Articles by Elizabeth Piper

Olympic Politics Stoke Winter Games Rivalries

  • 17 February 06
  • Reuters
Russians blame the Chinese for stealing their training techniques.

Police in Iraq Find Bodies of 41 Killed in Insurgent Attacks

  • 10 March 05
  • Reuters
A suicide bomber in a garbage truck packed with explosives killed two policemen near a Baghdad hotel Wednesday and police found 41 corpses, shot or decapitated, in the heartland of Iraq's insurgency.

Kiev Oligarch Keeps It in Family

  • 01 April 04
  • Reuters
It feels like living in Ukraine's very own royal family.

Aliyev Jr. Confident of Election Win

  • 16 October 03
  • Reuters
The son of Azerbaijan's ailing leader Heidar Aliyev said he was confident of being voted president of the oil-rich country on Wednesday.

Moldovan Club Wants to Spend

  • 24 September 03
  • Reuters
Move over Real Madrid and Chelsea -- another big-spending club wants to get in on the act by luring top players from around the world with the promise of fat pay packets and first-rate soccer.

Peacekeepers Guard Forgotten Transdnestr Base

  • 16 September 03
  • Reuters
In the self-proclaimed Transdnestr republic in Moldova General Boris Sergeyev is commander of Russian troops and charged with overseeing an uneasy peace between two sides.

Klitschko Uses Body and Mind

  • 20 June 03
  • Reuters
Intelligent, studious and inquisitive are not words generally used to describe heavyweight boxers. But according to Professor Leonid Volkov they sum up Ukraine's best-loved boxer, Vitali Klitschko, who rarely boasts of his intellectual endeavors despite being a doctor of science in Ukraine and a professor of philosophy in Germany.

Kuchma, Lukashenko in NATO Spat

  • 18 November 02
  • Reuters
Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma will attend this week's NATO summit in Prague, his spokeswoman said Saturday, while NATO reiterated that Kuchma would not be welcome.

Ukraine Sites Checked in Iraq Probe

  • 17 October 02
  • Reuters
U.S. and British experts fanned out across Ukraine on Wednesday, inspecting its main arms producer, other large military plants and holding talks to investigate charges the country's administration sold Iraq an early warning system.

33 Miners Killed in Ukraine Blaze

  • 08 July 02
  • Reuters
A fire raced through a coal mine in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, killing 33 miners trapped hundreds of meters underground.

Reconstructed Nazi Plane 'Bombs' Ukraine Again

  • 21 June 02
  • Reuters
Vladimir Nesonov has assembled a Nazi dive-bomber out of bits of scrap scavenged in Russia's far north so as to show the world what World War II meant for ex-Soviet Ukraine.

Russia, Ukraine Vow to Create Economic Power

  • 19 March 02
  • Reuters
Russia and Ukraine vowed Sunday to strengthen economic ties and boost trade to forge a new post-Soviet financial power to compete on European and world markets.

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