Articles by Edwin Chen

Bush Rebuffed in South America

  • 07 November 05
U.S. President George W. Bush left the country before the conclusion of a two-day summit here as key South American leaders rejected the White House's vision for a free-trade zone that would stretch from the Arctic to the southern tip of South America.

Bush Readies Speeches With Legacy in Mind

  • 19 January 05
As he prepares to launch his second term, President George W. Bush is aiming for nothing less than a legacy that would rank him among the United States' great presidents.

Bush Courts NASCAR Fans in Daytona Beach

  • 17 February 04
U.S. President George W. Bush on Sunday became the latest president to make a high-profile pitch for the fast-growing NASCAR vote, traveling to Florida to join 200,000 fans in the stands -- and millions watching on television -- for the Daytona 500.

Bush Owns Up to Lack of WMD in Interview

  • 10 February 04
U.S. President George W. Bush on Sunday conceded for the first time that he relied on flawed assumptions and inaccurate information in launching the Iraq war, but he denied having intentionally misled the American people.

Bush's Top-Secret Visit to Baghdad

  • 01 December 03
For more than five weeks, the president's inner circle and top security advisers kept the idea to themselves. During a trip to Asia in October, President George W. Bush had asked his most trusted aides to try to fly him to Baghdad, Iraq, for Thanksgiving dinner with U.S. troops.

White House Defends Bush's Financial Deal

  • 05 July 02
As President George W. Bush prepared for a major speech on corporate responsibility, the White House offered a new explanation about why he did not report in a timely manner his 1990 sale of nearly $850,000 worth of stock in a Texas-based energy company just weeks before its value plummeted.

U.S. Shrinks 'Footprint' on Okinawa

World Leaders Join Morocco to Mourn King

Congress Passes 2 LandmarkFiscal Bills c

Senate Committee Scraps Medicaid Expansion Deal

Democrat to Quit Probe of Gingrich

Campaigning With Powell, Dole Blasts Defense Policies

Former Rivals Dole, Kemp Building Unlikely Rapport

Combative Dole Accepts Nomination

Gore Sets Sights on 2000, but Not Officially

Dole Accuses NAACP of 'Set-Up'

Clinton, Dole Hit Stumps for July 4 Holiday

Abortion Trips Up Dole In South Carolina Debate

Class of '94 Begins Campaign Divided

GOP Votes Huge Cuts In Medicare

Balanced Budget Vote Postponed

Class of '94 Begins Campaign Divided

Senate Set to Begin Health-Care Debate