Articles by Dominique Moisi

Unrealpolitik in Russia and China

Great statesmen like Germany's Otto von Bismarck, whose self-restraint preserved peace in Europe for decades, were missing in Europe in 1914. A similar leadership void has become palpable in recent behavior by Russia and China.

Rule by Proxy Is New U.S. Leadership Model

The  model is a product of a long-term process of U.S. ambivalence toward the outside world.

France Becomes Regional Gendarme in Mali

After France's military campaign in Mali, Islamists consider Paris the 'Great Satan.'

Europe Is Moving Eastward

Madrid and Warsaw recently looked very similar: Both were the sites of massive demonstrations. But the crowds gathered at Europe's western and eastern extremities had very different agendas in mind.

Africa Rises, Russia Falls

Africa is on the rise, while Russia is on the decline. The democratic idealism that accompanied the fall of communism 20 years ago is gone, but the "imperial pride" recovered during the Putin years may not be enough to compensate for the contempt with which the Russian state treats its citizens.


The Kremlin Temptation

With a powerful China looming on the horizon, France and other world powers are courting Russia.

Final Decline of the West

The West’s long period of global dominance is ending, encouraged and accelerated by its own mistakes and irresponsible behavior.

Capitalism's Berlin Wall

As the economic crisis deepens and widens, the world is searching for historical analogies to help us understand what is happening.

Blue Europe and Red Asia

Could Europe be a Democratic ""blue state"" and Asia a Republican ""red state""?

Containing Russia Without Containment

Let's engage Russia if we can but contain it if we must."" These two alternatives already defined Western strategy toward Russia in the mid-1990s.

Davos' Impotence

The annual World Economic Forum is rightly perceived as a global barometer. But the superb sunshine in Davos these days cannot avoid the shadows of the financial crisis that have enveloped the world, casting an atmosphere of gloom and doom on this year's meeting.

In 'Aunt Lena's School'