Articles by Dominic Evans

Saudis Vow to Keep Crude Markets Well Oiled

  • 02 March 04
  • Reuters
OPEC's leading producer, Saudi Arabia, vowed on Monday to keep oil markets well-supplied in order to sustain world economic growth.

LUKoil Expanding to Saudi Oil Fields

  • 27 January 04
  • Reuters
LUKoil joined a small club of foreign energy firms with a foothold in Saudi Arabia on Monday, announcing a deal to find and pump gas in the world's top oil-producing nation.

Riyadh Beefs Up Security for Diplomats

  • 11 November 03
  • Reuters
Saudi Arabia stepped up security for diplomats on Monday and Western residences across the capital Riyadh said they were beefing up defenses after suspected suicide bombers killed at least 17 people in a housing compound.

Iran Agrees to Stricter Nuclear Inspections

  • 22 October 03
  • Reuters
Iran agreed Tuesday to sign and ratify an agreement on tougher inspections of its nuclear sites and suspend uranium enrichment and processing in a bid to ease international fears that it is building atomic weapons.

Blair: Russia Suspending Fuel to Iran

  • 05 June 03
  • Reuters
British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that Russia had pledged at a G-8 meeting in France to suspend exports of nuclear fuel to Iran until Tehran met demands from the IAEA.

British Minister Resigns Over Postwar Iraq Policy

  • 13 May 03
  • Reuters
Tony Blair's outspoken aid minister resigned from his government Monday, angrily accusing him of breaking a promise that the United Nations would have a leading role in postwar Iraq.

British Dossier on Iraq Found to Be Plagiarized

  • 10 February 03
  • Reuters
British Prime Minister Tony Blair was accused Friday of playing the same propaganda games as Saddam Hussein after chunks of an ""intelligence"" dossier on Iraq turned out to have been plagiarized from academic papers.

Expert: Saddam Has Bought Some Time

  • 18 September 02
  • Reuters
Iraq's unconditional pledge to readmit UN weapons inspectors has bought Baghdad breathing space, but U.S. military action remains likely, a leading British researcher who visited Baghdad last week said Tuesday.

Analysts: Saddam a Target, But War Is Not Imminent

  • 09 April 02
  • Reuters
British Prime Minister Tony Blair's weekend talks with U.S. President George W. Bush tied Britain further into U.S. plans to tackle Iraq but have not triggered a countdown to military action, analysts said Monday.

Blair Concerned About British Nerve

  • 30 October 01
  • Reuters
Prime Minister Tony Blair will urge Britons this week to hold their nerve after a series of setbacks to the U.S.-led campaign against Osama bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan, Blair's spokeswoman said.

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