Articles by Dmitry Kazmin

Court Rules on Rights of Shareholders

The Supreme Arbitration Court has ruled that minority shareholders have the right to request any document, including agreements with contractors, from a company they have shares in — but not from its subsidiaries.

Bill Would Prevent Arrest of Execs for Economic Crimes

The presidential administration has drafted a bill that would prevent executives from being arrested for the majority of economic crimes, and while the business community is welcoming the changes, it says the reforms don't go far enough.

Rechnik Conquered, Luzhkov Sets Sights on Fantasy Island

The neighboring Fantasy Island luxury village, home to heavy political hitters like Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Khristenko and his wife, Health and Social Development Minister Tatyana Golikova, has its days numbered as Moscow's mayor continues his demolition spree.

Courts Take Step Toward Precedent-Based System of Law

A ruling by the Constitutional Court means that the Supreme Arbitration Court can review a decision which has already come into force, effectively setting legal guidelines and establishing precedent.

Constitutional Court Moves Toward Precedent-Based System of Law

The Constitutional Court has found that the Supreme Arbitration Court's right to review a decision that has already come into force poses no contradictions to the fundamental law.