Articles by Delphine d'Amora

Debt Crisis Looms as Putin's Pledges Bankrupt Russian Regions

Three years ago, President Vladimir Putin promised the Russian people a kind of utopia: salaries would grow by up to 50 percent, average life expectancy would rise to 74 and waiting lists at kindergartens would disappear.

What Does Greece's 'No' Vote Mean for Russia?

As EU leaders gather Tuesday to seek an answer to Greece's sweeping rejection of international bailout terms, Russia Чthe EU's third-largest trading partner Ч is quietly waiting to see where the chips fall.

Russian Housing Construction Rises 30%, But Drop Is Coming

Residential construction in Russia has yet to be visibly hit by the country's economic turmoil, with nearly 30 percent more housing delivered in the first four months of this year than in the same period in 2014, a news report said Monday.

Economic Crisis Bites Into Russia's Taste for Chocolate

Rather than turning to chocolate for consolation in these tough economic times, Russians are eating less and less of the classic comfort food as crises at home and abroad send prices skyrocketing.

Distrust of Government Risks Sabotaging Russia's Capital Amnesty

With a revamped amnesty for  who declare their foreign assets just steps away from becoming law, the Russian government would offer a prodigious olive branch to the business community.

Kazakh President Proposes New High-Speed Link From Asia to Europe

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Friday proposed creating a transport corridor that would run from Asia to Europe across Kazakhstan.

Russia's Top 3 Obstacles to Economic Growth

The Russian economy has its fair share of problems, as the government knows all too well.

As Inflation Soars, One in Five Russians Can Only Afford Bare Necessities

Nearly 20 percent of Russians can now afford nothing more than the absolute necessities as double-digit inflation erodes their spending power, a survey by consumer research firm Nielsen found.

Russia Declared Best of BRICS in Developing Human Capital

Russia on Wednesday claimed 26th place in a global ranking of countries' ability to foster human capital thanks to its highly educated populace, putting it first among the BRICS group of developing nations.

RussiaТs Biggest Social Network VK Beats Television in Battle for Viewers

RussiaТs leading social network VK has beaten the countryТs biggest television channel in the battle for viewersТ attention, data from media research firm TNS Russia showed.

Q&A: Staying Positive in Construction Market Meltdown

French building materials company Saint-Gobain is braced for a tough two years, but still sees Russia as a rapidly developing market.

Russian Spacecraft Named 'Progress' Crashing Back to Earth

Russia on Wednesday struggled to restore contact with a cargo spaceship named "Progress 59," which by early afternoon was reported to be crashing back to earth.

Ruble Rebound Slows Russia's Rampant Food Price Inflation

The ruble's rapid recovery in recent weeks has seen prices on some foods fall, easing months of spiraling inflation and softening one of the most widely felt blows of Russia's economic crisis.

Russia's Shrinking Services Sector Less Miserable Than Before

Cautious optimism is beginning to emerge in Russia's services sector, even as business activity continues to drop and the Russian economy veers toward recession, a report by international bank HSBC found.

Russian Government to Subsidize Auto Loans as Car Market Collapses

Russia's Industry and Trade Ministry has announced measures to support the struggling domestic car industry, including subsidies aimed at cutting high interest rates that have slowed the auto loan market to a crawl.

Soviet Union's Top Toy Store Back in Business

The Soviet Union's biggest toy store reopened to a new generation of children on Tuesday with a burst of ceremonial pomp and patriotic fervor.

Russian Customs Duty Could Cause Massive Delays on International Deliveries

Russia's Federal Customs Service has drawn outcry from express delivery services after informing market players last week that all low-value shipments sent abroad by companies would now be subject to a customs duty, newspaper Kommersant reported Monday.

Russian Government Struggles to Check Surging Cost of Medicine

The cost of medicine is rising fast in Russia, hitting consumers and challenging a government that has made its reputation as a bulwark of social stability.

State Subsidies Offer Relief to Hard-Pressed Russian Developers

The Russian government on Monday announced that it will subsidize mortgage rates of 12 percent, a major step toward propping up an industry beset by high financing costs.

Where Russian Tourists Will (And Won't) Go in 2015

In any ordinary year, the resort towns of Spain, Greece and Italy would be looking ahead to a rising tide of Russians tourists and their typically lavish holiday spending.

Q&A: Are Top Executives Fleeing Russia, And Does it Matter?

As Russia's economy pays the price of Western sanctions and cheap oil, its top executives and entrepreneurs are looking to greener pastures.

Russian 'Anti-Crisis' Cow Can Survive Without Eating

As Russia's growing economic crisis weighs on farmers, some breeders appear to have found a miraculous solution — a new type of cow that doesn't need to be fed in the winter.

India Pushes Russia Out of Third Place in Billionaire Ranking

India has edged out crisis-stricken Russia in a ranking of the world's billionaires, for the first time claiming third place behind the U.S. and China.

Falling Ruble Promises Renaissance for Russia's Tourism Industry

Russia is looking forward to a renaissance in domestic tourism as the ruble's devaluation scares Russians away from European destinations and makes prices at home seem ever more appetizing.

Russian Deputies Complain About High Porridge Prices in State Canteen

As food prices soar around the nation, a lawmaker in Russia's lower house of parliament has spoken out on a deeply troubling issue: the rising cost of porridge in the parliament's cafeteria.

Even Russia's Circus Animals Face Layoffs as Recession Strikes

How does a circus cut costs in an economic crisis? Answer: Find out which crocodiles are slacking, and fire them.

Pro-Kremlin Media Sees Cuts as Russian Economy Slows

Pro-Kremlin broadcaster RT and news agency Rossiya Segodnya will have to slash spending by 50 percent or more and likely give up on expansion plans due to the ruble's steep devaluation.

A Tour Through Russia's Five Poorest Cities

While Moscow offers some wealthy residents a level of luxury on par with other world capitals, urban life in the dozens of other cities across Russia is quite another story.

Gambling Zone in Russia's Far East Aims to Become Next Macau

A long-awaited gambling oasis designed to tempt wealthy Asian and domestic tourists into Russia's Far East is finally getting off the ground, with $2.2 billion in total anticipated investment, the regional government said in a statement.

Warnings of Russian Financial Crisis Spread as Banks Start Failing

"It's obvious that the banking crisis will be massive," the head of Russia's largest bank told an agenda-setting economc forum, as Western sanctions, currency crisis and recession bear down on the financial sector.