Articles by David Nowak

Airport Crash Kills 2, Injures 83

  • 04 December 10
  • Associated Press
An airplane flying out of Vnukovo Airport on Saturday had engine failure shortly after takeoff and made an emergency landing at Domodedovo Airport, killing two people and injuring 83.

Lesbians Lock Lips in Court Protest

  • 27 August 09
  • The Associated Press
A debate over whether to allow a lesbian couple to marry sparked an angry exchange inside a Moscow courtroom Wednesday, while outside the women locked lips to protest a holdup in proceedings.

Soyuz Glitch Prompts Manual Docking

  • 30 March 09
  • The Associated Press
A cosmonaut was forced to dock a Soyuz capsule carrying U.S. billionaire tourist Charles Simonyi manually at the international space station Saturday after a sensor monitoring the engines apparently malfunctioned.

Slain Lawyer and Reporter Laid to Rest

  • 26 January 09
  • The Associated Press
Stanislav Markelov, a human rights lawyer gunned down in central Moscow after frequently challenging the actions of Russian authorities, was buried Friday.

Politkovskaya Daughter Saw Strangers

  • 28 November 08
  • The Associated Press
Investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya saw suspicious strangers near her home in the weeks before she was killed, her daughter testified Thursday at the trial of three men accused of helping set up her shooting.

Pilots Proud of Flights to Foreign Shores

  • 17 September 08
  • The Associated Press
The long-range bombers that have resumed missions into the Western Hemisphere are delivering a clear message: Russia wants to be seen as a global superpower once again.

Last Cult Members Leave Penza Cave

  • 19 May 08
  • The Associated Press
A handful of doomsday cult members on Friday crawled out of the damp cave in Penza region where they spent six months waiting for the end of the world, which their leader had prophesied.

Russia 'Not Ready' for Tough HIV Measures

  • 07 May 08
  • The Associated Press
Russia is ""not ready"" to adopt measures that could prevent thousands of people from getting infected with the virus that causes AIDS, the country's chief public health officer said.

European Delegation Urges Russia on Rights

  • 24 April 08
  • The Associated Press
Russia must promote human rights through education, not just seek to punish rights violators, a Council of Europe delegation said Wednesday after a two-day fact-finding trip.

South Korean Describes Scary Return

  • 22 April 08
  • The Associated Press
South Korea's first astronaut said Monday she was ""really scared"" when the Russian space capsule she was in made an unexpectedly steep descent to Earth over the weekend.

Abbas Puts Hopes in Moscow Conference

  • 18 April 08
  • The Associated Press
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas appealed Thursday for greater urgency in reaching peace in the Middle East, saying a conference planned for Moscow in June must ""save the peace process.""

Several Newspapers Taunt Tbilisi, Kiev

Several national newspapers on Friday taunted Ukraine and Georgia over NATO's decision to postpone bringing them into the alliance.

Berezovsky Blamed in Politkovskaya Murder

Dmitry Dovgy, a senior Investigative Committee official under investigation for possible corruption, has accused self-exiled businessman Boris Berezovsky of ordering the October 2006 assassination of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Ex-Kremlin Reporter Gets Asylum

Yelena Tregubova says her life would be in danger if she returned from Britain.

2 Crashes Intensify Traffic Headaches

Two major traffic accidents hospitalized six people early Tuesday and brought a second straight day of clogged streets to the city, quadrupling journey times for motorists already frustrated by Moscow's chronic gridlock.

Cab Driver Convicted of Killing 6 Passengers

A local gypsy cab driver has been sentenced to life in prison for killing six of his passengers with a sawed-off shotgun.

Brenton's Successor Not New To Russia

Britain on Friday named a career diplomat with extensive experience in Eastern Europe as its next ambassador to Russia.

Angry RusAl Miners Refuse to Leave Shaft

More than 100 miners who spent the night 700 meters underground in a Sverdlovsk region bauxite mine have refused to return to the surface until their demands for better pay and working conditions are met.

Yabloko Head Accused of Blackmail

The head of the liberal Yabloko party's Penza region branch was charged with extortion Wednesday for purportedly trying to blackmail the governor.

Media NGO Head Challenges Smuggling Law in High Court

The lawyer for Manana Aslamazian on Tuesday asked the Constitutional Court to overturn a smuggling law because it failed to specify the amount of cash or valuables that can trigger criminal charges.

7 National Bolsheviks Are Convicted

A Moscow court hands them light sentences for their role in a 2006 scuffle.

National Bolshevik Bolts for Ukraine

The fiancee of opposition activist Yury Chervochkin, who died last year of injuries suffered in a murky beating, has fled Russia and requested political asylum in Ukraine.

2 Arrested on Oil Espionage Charges

  • 21 March 08
  • Staff Writers
The Federal Security Service said Thursday that it had charged two Russian-American brothers with industrial espionage in connection with an investigation into embattled Russian-British oil firm TNK-BP.

Ulyanovsk Governor Embraces English

With international corporations like Mars and Metro Cash & Carry shopping around in his region, Ulyanovsk Governor Sergei Morozov is sending his top officials back to school to learn English.

Teenager Stabbed to Death in Gang Attack

A teenager has been stabbed to death in an attack possibly organized by Spartak Moscow football fans on the Internet.

Lukashenko Hires British Image-Maker

""Europe's last dictator"" is trying to put on a better face to help attract investment to provide a boost for its economy.

Farmer Says Space Debris Killed Horses

Federal Space Agency officials are likely in for an angry reception when they arrive in the Altai republic this weekend to investigate a farmer's claims that falling space debris caused the death of four of his horses.

Lubyanka Car Bomb Scare a Fake

City prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation after a man threatened to detonate nonexistent explosives in his car next to the Federal Security Service's Lubyanka headquarters Tuesday night, police said.

Yavlinsky in Rare Talks With Putin

  • 12 March 08
  • Staff Writers
President Vladimir Putin held rare closed-door talks with Grigory Yavlinsky on Tuesday, his first with the tough-talking Yabloko opposition-party leader in more than a year.

Youth Activist Says FSB Behind His Army Stint

An opposition activist who was drafted into the Army despite a medical exemption has been released from active duty after spending six weeks confined to hospital, he said Thursday.