Articles by David Filipov

From The Archive: Lukashenko Is Big Victor, Wants New U.S.S.R.

What was expected of the rule of Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko when he first came to power twenty years ago? We dug into the Moscow Times archive to find out.

Strumming My Shashtar For Ahmad

It was easy for me to break Tajik Travel Rule Number 3. When the swarthy stranger in the bar at the Hotel Dushanbe asked me, ""Ahmad, is that you?"" I replied tipsily, ""It is I.""

Violent, Sinister and Believable

Ph Imbalance Hair-raising Experience

Garage Project Pits OMON Against Locals

Garage Project Pits OMON Against Locals

Waging War With Demon Fax Machine

A Limited Vocabulary: It Still Speaks Volumes

Latest Legislative Lingo Livens Russian Lexicon

Motto Is the Message: Perestroika to Whiskas

Let's Have a Kind Word For 'Our New Russians'

If You Are 'Nerezident' You Just Don't Belong

For the Man Who Has It All: A Filipino Butler

Politeness Is Not a Plus, But Tone Really Matters

From Minsk to Boston, Forced to Face the Facts

Language Puts Shopper In Unstable 'Condition'

Russia's Cry for Respect May Leave a Hangover

Russian Profanity: Common as #@&!

right title

What's in a Party Name? Less Than You'd Think

Basketball, a Fantasy Land

One Day in the Life of a Chechnya Reporter

Chechnya Celebrates As Fighting Continues

Bonsai! Dwarf Trees Make It Big

Broken Bombers, Broken Hearts

Mumbling in Ingush? It's Time to Get Out

Under Fire in Last Rebel Strongholds

Kapital-Shou Invasion And Other Problems

For Old People of Grozny, There Is No Future

What Gorbachev Gave To the Political Lexicon

What Gorbachev Gave To the Political Lexicon