Articles by Darrell Stanaford

Making Moscow a Comfortable Place to Live

Developing a multicentric Moscow means creating transport hubs outside the city center.

Business Moves Beyond Moscow

Moscow has historically absorbed the bulk of investment and development in Russia — no one was surprised to learn that more than 90 percent of domestic investment wound up in Moscow in 2010. But there are several signs that business's overwhelming preference for Moscow is coming to an end.

Fate Hangs in the Background of the Russian Psyche

  • 27 July 10
  • CB Richard Ellis
Doing business in Russia is a fascinating experience for many reasons. It is almost always a multicultural experience involving some combination of participants from countries of virtually every continent, in addition to Russians.

Cross Investments Are a Strong Agent of Change

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, oligarchs stood up one by one and talked about their billion-dollar investments in the United States.

BRICK BY BRICK: Industrial Market Needs Time for Full Recovery