Articles by Dan Balz

Romney Wins Key Republican Iowa Poll

  • 13 August 07
  • The Washington Post
AMES, Iowa -- With a victory in the Republican straw poll here Saturday, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney entered the next phase of the presidential nomination battle, pitting his traditional early-state strategy against a more unorthodox approach by national front-runner Rudolph Giuliani.

Clinton Will Run for President

  • 22 January 07
  • The Washington Post
New York Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton on Saturday launched a long-anticipated 2008 presidential campaign that could make her the first female president in the nation's history and the only former first lady to follow her husband to the White House.

Huge Effort to Mobilize Voters Begins

  • 02 November 04
  • The Washington Post
U.S. President George W. Bush and challenger John Kerry unleashed the biggest and most aggressive voter-mobilization drives in the history of presidential politics over the weekend, tapping hundreds of thousands of volunteers and paid organizers in a final effort to tip the balance in a handful of states where the election will be decided Tuesday.

Delegates Praise Strong, Steadfast Bush

  • 01 September 04
  • The Washington Post
Led by Arizona Senator John McCain and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Republicans opened their national convention here Monday night with tributes to U.S. President George W. Bush's leadership in the war on terrorism and a powerful defense of his decision to invade Iraq.

Day of Horror Will Define Bush's Presidency

  • 14 September 01
  • The Washington Post
WASHINGTON -- In the hour that it took for terrorists to demolish the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and devastate the seemingly impregnable Pentagon building in Washington, George W. Bush's presidency changed indelibly. The nightmare scenario of the post-Cold War era -- terrorism at home aimed at innocent civilians -- hit with a terrible swiftness and frightening power that even the experts hadn't imagined, and it's clear that Sept. 11 has become the defining day of Bush's presidency. Bush now faces a test of leadership few presidents have ever known. Even Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor could see a clearly defined enemy and chart a clearly defined course. The enormity of what confronts Bush is difficult to overstate, demanding skills that would challenge any president, let alone one who's served just eight months in office and just seven years in public life.

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