Articles by Catrina Stewart

Safety a Fear in RussiaТs Afghan Effort

  • 10 August 09
  • The Associated Press
More than a year ago, the United Nations dropped the Russian air transport company Vertikal-T from its approved list of vendors after a fatal helicopter crash in Nepal.

Russia, Azerbaijan Seek Broader Gas Ties

  • 17 April 09
  • The Associated Press
Talks between Russia and Azerbaijan on Friday paved the way for a gas supply agreement that may undermine Western Europe's efforts to reduce their energy dependence on Russia.

Elite Nightclubs Empty as Crisis Hits Oligarchs

  • 09 October 08
  • The Associated Press
At the Soho Rooms nightclub one recent evening, bankers partied with abandon to a decadent theme: УItТs the end of the world.Ф

Putin Sexy but Not the Most Sexy

  • 08 September 08
  • The Associated Press
He single-handedly saved a TV crew from the jaws of a tiger. He flexed his muscles in front of the cameras in Siberia. He cuts a dash on the ski slopes.

Kremlin to Dole Out Arctic Reserves

  • 21 July 08
  • The Associated Press
President Dmitry Medvedev signed a law Friday enabling the Kremlin to handpick companies to develop the vast oil reserves believed to be located in the Russian Arctic.

Bank Rossiya Emerges From Shadows

It is an overhang from Vladimir Putin’s Russia, a byword for the cronyism and connections that prevail in government. But Bank Rossiya, otherwise known as the bank of Putin’s friends, looks like it is trying to turn over a new leaf.

No Russia Correction Amid Global Gloom

Summer may have arrived in Moscow, but ongoing gloom on global financial markets just keeps raining on its parade.

Kissinger and Blair Warn of Conflict

  • 18 June 08
  • Staff Writers
Visiting statesmen Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger said Tuesday that countries had to form strategic alliances to face major global challenges like energy security and climate change.

Markets Lose Steam After St. Pete Bump

As Russia's business and political elite wound up their weekend gathering in St. Petersburg, the local markets received a short-term lift, but wider concerns over global inflation lingered through the week.

Miller Predicts Oil at $250 Next Year

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said Tuesday that he expected oil prices to top $250 per barrel next year, a figure considerably higher than most industry forecasts.

Medvedev Scolds U.S., Offers a Hand

  • 09 June 08
  • Staff Writers
President Dmitry Medvedev took aim at the United States on Saturday, blaming it for the current global economic gloom, while positioning Russia as a key player in restoring confidence and stability.

Cars Lead Parade of Investors To St. Pete

ST. PETERSBURG — The comparison seems to roll off everybody’s lips. St. Petersburg, the second city, is becoming the self-styled Detroit of Russia, in other words the car-making capital of the country.

Medvedev to Go It Alone in St. Pete

  • 05 June 08
  • Staff Writers
This weekend’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be President Dmitry Medvedev’s first major international appearance, while Prime Minister Putin, the headline attraction in recent years, will be nowhere to be seen.

State Says It Backs Ethics in Business

  • 02 June 08
  • Staff Writers
Coming against the background of boardroom battles at TNK-BP and Norilsk Nickel, a conference Friday on the issue of corporate governance appeared to be either the lucky beneficiary of current events or the victim of bad timing.

Inflation Threatens an Era of Growth

With the state expecting inflation to top 15 percent in May, rising costs are forcing thousands of enterprises to hike prices even as they struggle to keep costs down.

Da Vinci to List Russia Fund Despite Difficult Conditions

Newcomer Da Vinci Capital Management is to list a flagship fund in London on Thursday, but the company said it would be hard to raise the hoped for funds amid difficult market conditions.

Polyus Board Probes Director's Allegiance

A fresh dispute is brewing at Polyus Gold after the miner dropped independent director Lord Patrick Gillford as a nominee to the new board, pending an investigation into allegations that he is acting for Interros Group.

Plummeting Metals End Markets' Rally

Russian stock marketsТ 11-day rally came to an abrupt end Thursday amid signs that the tide might be turning for metals stocks, which have enjoyed a remarkable renaissance in the past year during a period of record prices.

Storchak's Video Plea To Go Home Denied

A Moscow court denied bail Wednesday to Sergei Storchak, the deputy finance minister who has been held in pretrial detention on corruption charges since November.

EU Official Says Russia Faces Big Challenges

Russia must overcome significant challenges if it is to hold on to its rapid growth rates, economists and investors warned Tuesday.

Sberbank Hires 2 Top Execs, Ups Dividend

Sberbank said Monday it would appoint two bankers from leading investment houses to its management board as the country's biggest bank undergoes a huge and complicated restructuring.

Markets Rise as Cabinet Settles In

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's strong backing for aggressive oil tax cuts in the near future provided Russian stock markets with a long-awaited catalyst to push the RTS to a record high last week.

Kudrin's Influence Poses A Riddle

The elevation of new First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov to oversee large swaths of economic policy has left political pundits scrambling to work out whether Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin will retain his longtime influence over the country’s fiscal policy.

Oil Tax Pledge Buoys Markets

Markets surged after the swearing-in of Dmitry Medvedev as president in a pomp-filled ceremony Wednesday and a tax-cutting speech by Vladimir Putin the day after, when he was approved as prime minister.

Protesters Cry 'May Day' Over Prices

Thousands of people used traditional May Day marches to call for something new: an end to rising food prices.

Barclays Capital Chief Warns of Global Fallout

Russia will not emerge unscathed from a likely global slowdown, and will need to tackle high growth rates if it is to bring down inflation, Barclays Capital chairman Hans-Joerg Rudloff said.

The Rules of the Game

As Dmitry Medvedev prepares to become president, investors wonder what they need to do to work in Russia.

Barclays Capital Chief Warns of Global Fallout

  • 21 April 08
  • Staff Writer.
Russia will not emerge unscathed from a likely global slowdown, and will need to tackle high growth rates if it is to bring down inflation, Barclays Capital chairman Hans-Joerg Rudloff said.

Oil and Metals Shine as RTS Breaks 2,100

The RTS, the country's benchmark stock index, breached the 2,100 barrier for the first time this year, as oil and metal stocks pulled away from the field.

Norilsk Board Survives Prokhorov's Assault

Norilsk Nickel's shareholders voted to retain the company's current board of directors Tuesday, striking a further blow to the chances that Oleg Deripaska's United Company RusAl will succeed in acquiring Mikhail Prokhorov's blocking stake in the firm.