Articles by Carl Schreck

When the Legendary Soviet Bard Vladimir Vysotsky Hit Hollywood

  • 07 September 15
  • RFE/RL
On a balmy summer evening in the posh Los Angeles neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, movie stars and industry players mingled around the pool and on the veranda, nursing drinks and clouding the air with plumes of expensive cigar smoke.

Western Scholars Alarmed by Russian Deportations, Fines

  • 01 April 15
  • RFE/RL

WASHINGTON — The plainclothes officers found the scholar in a state archive poring over texts on 19th-century provincial life in Russia. They requested a meeting in the hallway.

Tracing the Rise of 'The New Nobility'

Since Vladimir Putin's rise, many hands have been wrung down to the bone in the West over his KGB pedigree. Fortunately there are journalists such as Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan to bring nuance, analysis and old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting to the subject, which they do in their new book.

Man Sentenced for Murder After Seer Predicts Prison

Enraged after a Gypsy woman saw a stint in the slammer in his future, a Kemerovo man stabbed two people to death.

Man Tossed From Floating Restaurant Drowns in River

The victim in the drunken scuffle couldnt swim, investigators in northwestern Russia say.

Blood Dripping From Ceiling Leads to Arrest in Quadruple Slaying

A Sverdlosk region man is suspected of slashing four drinking buddies while they slept.

Mechanic Sets Boss Alight in Vacation Row

The Nizhny Novgorod worker was angry after being refused a day off, authorities say.

Drunk Student Shoots Buddy in Metro Following School Celebration

The two young men had been partaking in Last Bell festivities before quarreling in a Moscow metro underpass.

Cop Mows Down Pedestrian With Car, Buries Body

In the second case in less than a year involving police trying to literally cover up evidence of vehicular manslaughter, a detective in Chelyabinsk has been arrested on suspicion of plowing over a 38-year-old man.

Easter Hand Grenade Injures 4

A Voronezh pensioner is suspected of tossing the explosive through his apartment window at a group of men loitering and making a ruckus on the street.

Woman Torches Flat After Ex-Boyfriend Dates Mom

The arson suspects mother and former beau both perish in the Ulyanovsk region blaze.

Holiday Robberies Plague Flower Shops

Just in time for International Women’s Day, masked assailants hold up Moscow’s ubiquitous flower kiosks.

Electrichka Madness

One commuter train passenger is shot for using someone’s bag as a pillow; another is trapped in the doors and dragged two kilometers hanging out of the train.

Cops Force Man To Take Bank Loan to Pay Bribe

The latest in consumer credit products in Russia: Loans for bribes.

88-Year Old Woman Hacks Villager to Death

The ax rears its ugly head again, this time in Chuvashia as one elderly woman kills another in a money-related dispute.

Reality Show Contestants Behaving Badly

A former female contestant of the venerable Russian reality show "Dom-2" is detained on suspicion of luring African women into prostitution.

Open Season on Cops After Nurgaliyevs Words?

A Perm man beats up a pair of police officers and claims that the Interior Minister said it was OK, local media report.

Official Arrested While Tithing Part of Bribe Money, Authorities Say

The church isn’t happy about the suspect being wrestled down in a house of God.

Insurance Agent Shoots Fellow Agent Over Client

Not-so-friendly competition between insurance agents outside a traffic police station lands the victim in the hospital with serious injuries.

Drunk Burglar Trampled To Death By Giant Pig

The 200-kilogram hog was aggravated by the stink of booze emanating from the luckless thief, police say.

Man Kills Buddy for Refusing To Drink

The latest example of the ubiquitous “You don’t respect me?” murder.

Cop Fired for Stealing Meat Patty

The Lipetsk officer didn’t have enough money to buy a snack to go with his vodka.

Dog-For-Vodka Deal Ends in Death

A woman fatally assaulted her neighbor by inflicting wounds with her high heels.

Traffic Cop Runs Over Woman, Hides Body, Investigates Self

So far prosecutors have only opened a vehicular manslaughter case.

Villages Last 2 Residents Killed With Hammer

The double homicide at the hands of a Mordovian man yielded $150 and a cell phone.

Goat Monument Vandalism Watch

Tver vandals desecrate the city’s sacred statue.

Cop and Convict Kill Couple After Picnic Dust-Up

The victims apparently disapproved of the scene the policeman and his friends were making on a riverbank in Bashkortistan.

Subway Cook Dismembers Sandwich Shop Waitress

The suspect killed the young woman because she rejected his romantic overtures, authorities say.

Groom Kills, Dismembers Friend at Wedding Party

The Kaluga region man had previously been convicted for an ‘analogous crime,’ prosecutors say.

Man Gets 3 Years For Biting Friend's Nose

The latest drinking-buddy-on-drinking-buddy crime.