Articles by Beatriz Higuchi

A Will, a Way and a Dog

The chief of PBN talks about cleaning up other people's images, working for Nancy Pelosi, and his canine sidekick, Dasha.

Families Look for Hotels With a Little Bit of TLC

The lowly state of child-oriented services is making it hard for all but wealthy tourists to bring their children to Moscow.

U.S. Parties Locking Horns Over the Russia Vote

Republicans Abroad and Democrats Abroad have little chance of influencing midterm elections.

Couple Educates Pet Owners About Feline Fakes

They hope to combat forged pedigrees and dishonest sellers with central registries for cats and rodents.

Bowlers Hit the Lanes to Help Orphans

Six teams take the afternoon off from work to raise money at a charity tournament.

Irish Culture Goes on Show for St. Patrick's Day

An international audience gathers to watch floats and listen to music on the traditionally Irish holiday.