Articles by Associate

Probation Period -- General Issues and Enforcement

  • 18 March 09
  • and Maria Landau, Associate, Salans
At first glance, it may seem like the employer has every means necessary to test a new employee by setting a probation period in accordance with the Labor Code.

Key Points in the Staff Reduction Process

  • 17 February 09
  • Salans
In the current economic situation, it is obvious that cutting costs, including by staff reduction, is more relevant than ever.

Employment of a General Director: What a Company Needs to Know

Employing a general director (president, general manager etc.) as a company's sole executive body is a complicated matter of particular concern to today's corporate owners and the authorized officials charged with the due maintenance of personnel documentation (i.e. HR specialists, accountants).

The Use of Warranties in M&A Transactions

  • 25 September 07
  • Salans
Other than a general warranty of quality that is implied into contracts for the sale of goods, the concepts of ""representation"" and ""warranty"" have no distinct legal meaning under the law.

Industrial Real Estate Construction: Legislation Update

In recent years Russia has witnessed steady investment growth -- especially foreign investment -- in industrial real estate construction.