Articles by Arthur Max

No Roads to 'Rubbish Dump of Life'

  • 12 January 11
  • The Associated Press
Picture a town inaccessible by road, buried under ice and snow for eight months of the year, unable to support a movie theater and without enough cars to warrant a traffic light or even a stop sign.

Digging for Clues in a Soviet Mystery

  • 29 April 08
  • The Associated Press
Budapest, November 1944: Another German train has loaded its cargo of Jews bound for Auschwitz. A young Swedish diplomat pushes past the SS guard and scrambles onto the roof of a cattle car.

President Talks Trade in Holland

  • 02 November 05
  • The Associated Press
President Vladimir Putin began a two-day visit Tuesday to the Netherlands, during which Dutch leaders and industrialists are expected to explore ways of increasing business with the booming Russian energy industry.

Georgian Leader Wants Russians Out

  • 02 December 03
  • The Associated Press
Georgia's Acting President Nino Burdzhanadze called Monday for a swift withdrawal of Russian troops and said her country had earned the right to be integrated into Europe after its peaceful revolution.

Troops Kill 2 Demonstrators in Iraq

  • 19 June 03
  • The Associated Press
Edgy American troops killed two Iraqis on Wednesday after Saddam Hussein's former soldiers hurled stones during a protest outside the headquarters of the U.S.-led occupation authorities.

Paintings by Van Gogh Stolen in Amsterdam

  • 09 December 02
  • The Associated Press
Thieves broke into another major Dutch museum on Saturday and made off with two works by Van Gogh.

Dutch Prince to Tie the Knot

  • 01 February 02
  • The Associated Press
Once again, Europe is being treated to the storybook spectacle of a royal wedding: queens and princesses in regal finery, gilded carriages clattering over cobbled streets, adoring crowds paying tribute to their sovereign.

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