Articles by Anna Shcherbakova

Abramov Plans Bid For St. Pete Houses

Alexander Abramov, a co-owner in metals holding Evraz Group, is planning to buy up half of the khrushchyovki in St. Petersburg.

St. Pete Sells Stake in Europe Hotel

The St. Petersburg city property committee announced last week that it is selling its stake in the Grand Hotel Europe to another major shareholder for around $1 million.

St. Pete Catches Eye of Moscow's Banks

The St. Petersburg financial market is attracting more and more attention from Moscow-based banks.

Meeting the Needs of Petersburg's Job Market

Yekaterina Matskevich, research consultant and head of the St. Petersburg office of Ward Howell has praised the city's talented top-level managers.

St. Pete Should Brace for Capital Invasion

It's taken a while, but it seems that a nightmare for St. Petersburg firms is beginning to come true.

Cherkesov Asserts State Interests in Northwest

The presidential envoy for the Northwestern Federal District, Viktor Cherkesov, began by changing regional legislation that strengthen his office's role in local politics.

Biz Asked to Buy Putin a New Palace

Russian businesses have now been presented with a new opportunity to display their social benevolence — to help finance the renovation of the half-ruined Konstantinov Palace.

St. Petersburg's Grandeur Is Realtor's Business

British Sebastian FitzLyon was one of the first foreign businessmen to open a foreign business in Saint Petersburg when he arrived from Australia 10 years ago.

Cash: Don't Leave Home Without It

Why is it that Russians are so against plastic bank cards and receiving their salary through banks?

St. Pete Celebrates Its Frothy Success Stories

St. Pete to Auction Stake in Hotel

Prominent Petersburger Assassinated

Milk Factory Slipping Out St. Pete Sberbank's Hands

Work to Begin on Oil Terminal

NEWS ANALYSIS: St. Petersburg to Issue Savings Bonds

Court Rules 1999 Astoria Stake Sale Illegal

Fuel Sellers to Appeal $350,000 Fine

LUKoil Signs Deal With St. Pete

Firms Wrangle Over Trademark

Vena Brewery Opens $105M Facility

Aroma Wins 2nd Tender for Astoria

Georgian Wine Bottler Relaunches

Luxury Hotel to Open After 10 Years

Spirit Seller Exploits Legal Window

35% Astoria Stake Put Back on Auction Block

2nd St. Pete Pedestrian Zone Opens

Machine-Building Giant Draws Up Survival Plan

Neste Opens Fuel Storage Terminal on Gulf Coast

Nationalization Threatens Lomonosov

Bravo Cheerful About Its New Beer